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Vol 100, No 11 (2017): NOVEMBER 2017

  • Accelerated Villous Maturation of Placentas in Spontaneous Preterm Birth
    Objective: To determine the rate of accelerated villous maturation of placentas among spontaneous preterm births and the associated f... [Read More]
  • Correlations between Routine Urinalysis and Cystoscopy for the Diagnosis of Urinary Bladder Invasion in Patients with Cervical Cancers
    Background: Cystoscopy is a study recommended in patients with cancer of cervix uteri (CC) to evaluate for urinary bladder invasion (... [Read More]
  • Maternal and Neonatal Outcomes of Parturients with or without Amniotomy for Augmentation of Labor
    Objective: To determine the maternal and neonatal outcomes of the low-risk term pregnancies with or without amniotomy for augmentatio... [Read More]

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ISSN: 2408-1981