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Vol 100, No 8 (2017): AUGUST 2017

  • Cervical Strain Values Measured by Ultrasonographic Elastography in Pregnant Women between 18 and 40 Weeks’ Gestation
    Objective: To evaluate the reproducibility, examine the cervical tissue strain using sonographic elastography, and investigate the fa... [Read More]
  • Effect of Music on Immediately Postpartum Lactation by Term Mothers after Giving Birth: A Randomized Controlled Trial
    Background: The benefits and importance of maternal breastfeeding have been emphasized worldwide. Early mother-infant contact and new... [Read More]
  • Characteristics and Outcomes of Thai Patients Hospitalized with Severe Traumatic Brain Injury between 2009 and 2011
    Objective: To describe the characteristics and outcomes of Thai patients who suffer from severe traumatic brain injury (TBI).... [Read More]

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ISSN: 2408-1981