J Med Assoc Thai 2019; 102 (10):30

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Result of a minimum 5-year follow-up after Ponseti serial casting in congenital idiopathic clubfoot
Chotigavanichaya C Mail, Eamsobhana P , Ariyawatkul T , Wongcharoenwatana J , Saelim C , Kaewpornsawan K


Background: Ponseti technique has become a standard treatment for congenital idiopathic clubfoot. Some cases require surgical release to achieve a pain-free, flexible and plantigrade foot.

Objective: To evaluate the result of congenital idiopathic clubfoot with Ponseti serial casting in intermediate-term follow-up.

Material and method: We performed a retrospective cohort analysis of congenital idiopathic clubfoot patients who underwent primary treatment by Ponseti serial casting and who were followed-up for at least 5 years between January 2006 and December 2012. Demographic data, age at the beginning of treatment, Functional Rating System (FRS) clubfoot of Laaveg and Ponseti, talocalcaneal angle X-ray, and complication data were collected.

Results: Thirty-three feet from 24 patients (14 males and 10 females) were included, with an average age at beginning of casting treatment of 6.18 weeks (range: 1-24). Average follow-up time was 5.94 years (range: 5.07-8.35). Mean FRS score was 93.5 (range: 89-98). Average talocalcaneal angle of AP and lateral view were 24.89° and 23.46°, respectively. Complications were found in 5 feet and recurrence occurred in 5 feet.  

Conclusion: Ponseti serial casting for treatment of congenital idiopathic clubfoot showed satisfactory FRS score at the 5-year follow-up.


Keywords: Congenital idiopathic clubfoot, Complication of clubfoot, Recurrent of clubfoot, Ponseti serial casing

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