J Med Assoc Thai 2009; 92 (12):1681

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Quality of Cold Storage Drugs Transportation and Delivery to Thai Hospitals
Sooksriwong C Mail, Bussaparoek W

Background: In Thailand there is no regulation and standard guideline to control the quality of drug
transportation, including cold storage drugs.

Objective: To explore the condition of cold storage drugs transportation and delivery to general public
hospitals, community hospitals and private hospitals.

Material and Method: This is a cross-sectional survey research. There were 301 questionnaires returned
from 720 questionnaires sent (41.8% response rate)

Results: The serious problems of cold storage drugs on delivery were 1) Cold storage drugs (2°C-8°C) were
delivered to the hospitals without controlled temperature boxes, was found in private, public and community
hospitals at the rate of 46.7%, 48.3% and 72.9% respectively. 2) Cold storage drugs (-20°C,) i.e. polio vaccine
came to the hospitals with a temperature higher than 8C or ice melting in the box, was found in private, public
and community hospitals at the rate of 22.9%, 12.7% and 35.0% respectively

Conclusion: There are differences in quality of cold storage drug transportation and delivery among types of
hospitals. It is highly recommended that Thai FDA should develop a standard and implement the control
system for logistics management of cold storage drugs.

Keywords: Cold storage drugs, Logistics management, Drug delivery, Drug transportation, Problem

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