J Med Assoc Thai 2009; 92 (2):67

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Prevalence of Chronic Diseases Risk Factors among Persons Attending Six Administrative Courses in the Army Training Command Area in 2006
Saengdidtha B Mail, Kasemkijwattana P , Kaoaiem H

Background: The chronic diseases prevalence tends to increase worldwide and the risk factors are identified
and reduced.

Objective: To survey the prevalence of chronic diseases risk factors among persons attending 6 administrative
courses in the Army Training Command area in 2006 and compare with results of the former study.

Material and Method: All persons attending the 6 courses were asked to answer the questionnaires. The SPSS
for Windows version 10 computer program was used for data analysis.

Results: There were 445 respondents. Most of them were men (87.2%), married (75.9%), finished a bachelor
degree or higher (93.9%), military personnel (97.5%) and the average age was 43.7 + 5.6 years. The prevalence
percentages of smoking, alcohol drinking, physical inactivity, preferred high fat food, preferred sweet food,
preferred salty food, obesity, hypertension, dyslipidemia, diabetes and hyperstress was 18.7, 13.5, 56.6, 41.9,
20.9, 11.0, 35.4, 14.4, 38.5, 4.3 and 18.7, respectively. Most of the prevalence of risk factors, except smoking,
was not decreased when compared to the former study in the similar group of persons in 2004.

Conclusion: The prevalence of chronic diseases risk factors in this group was high and seemed difficult to
reduce. There should be appropriate surveillance and intervention programs to reduce these risks to prevent
disease in this special group.

Prevalence, Chronic diseases, Risk factors, Military personnel

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