J Med Assoc Thai 2009; 92 (9):116

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Practical Experience in Some Aspects of Bone Markers
Bunyaratavej N Mail

The biochemical bone markers are the firmly approved means for bone assessment with high
accuracy for detecting the status of bone functions in real time. The values obtained from the bone markers are
continuously fluctuating. The interpretation, thus, needs to be based on the controlled clinical criteria such
as fasting blood, venous puncture required at 8:00-9:00, gender, age and information of previously medicated
treatments. These characteristic values are compared with the normal ones derived by the healthy young adult
persons. The bone markers are essentially requested when diagnosing the bone state. Both formation and
resorption markers represent bone turnover. The low values of bone markers are the signs of being low bone
turnover as well as the high values show high bone turnover. The bone markers strongly support the diagnosis
of bone metabolism, bone diseases and the evaluation of medication and bone metastasis.

Keywords: Bone marker

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