J Med Assoc Thai 2005; 88 (9):1323

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Single Pathway to Maintain the Ethics in Medical Practices
Phaosavasdi S Mail, Taneepanichskul S , Tannirandorn Y , Thamkhantho M , Prugsapong C , Phupong V , Karnjanapitak A

The fiscal budget of year 2005-2006 for 9 National strategies has already allocated 200,000 million baht for Education and Public Health(1). Education is the perfect and best scheme to construct the future of the nation. Please be reminded that what seem to be so common in the media e.g. Newspapers, Television programs which are supplying the fishes or instructing how to catch the fish. In general, the people might not understand well or it is too complicated to think of good resolutions because of the miserable and awful scenes are still on air at primetime nightly. The kids, either boys or girls, have to leave or distracted from the classroom to take care of their parents and grandparents with the fate undirectionally. What a shame! Life has to entirely depend on luck and fate. The Thai traditions and culture has embedded sensitive senses into the children when they can touch the suffering and be distressed by the ancestors. To sacrifice the opportunity of their own future as well as the nation. Stop going to school, then jump into the vitreous cycle of distress. The religion never ever preaches these issues. Can we put the blame on our educational system? Per se an inadequate teaching system, not systematical method to solve the problems, no clear direction, do as you think so the outcome is so distressful, no good for themselves and the nation also(2). The Public Health in Thailand is still a problematic and never ending story, how to deal with the prepared and allocated budget, 100,000 million baht which is not a small amount of money, even though it is still not big enough to solve all the problems. Will that be possible for academics, places, personel or medical supplies. How to utilize or allocate the fiscal budget to best reflect the sole policy of the 30 baht health scheme and the National health insurance Legal Act, which hopefully the people of the nation can totally rely on(3).

Keywords: Ethics in Medical practices, Education, Public Health, National health insurance legal act

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