J Med Assoc Thai 2009; 92 (12):21

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The Effectiveness of a Program Designed to Enhance the Self-Esteem of Female Adolescents of the Rajavithi Home for Girls, Bangkok, Thailand
Apinuntavech S Mail, Panichpong T , Shuaytong P , Suparp J , Ngoenwiwatkul Y

Objective: To study the effectiveness of group activities designed to enhance the self-esteem of female adolescents
aged 12-18 years old of the Rajvithi Home for Girls, Bangkok, (experimental group) and the Saraburi Home
for Girls, Saraburi, (comparison group).

Material and Method:
This was quasi-experimental research. Each group was comprised of 36 adolescents.
The experimental group participated in numerous activities designed to improve their self -esteem. The activities
were conducted over 4 sessions of 2-3 hours duration per session. The self-esteem assessments were conducted
before, immediately after the intervention, and 4 weeks henceforth, using the Coopersmith Self-Esteem
Inventory School Form (CSEI).

Results: Prior to the intervention, neither group showed any difference in its general characteristics including
its self - esteem mean scores. Immediately after the intervention and, 4 weeks later, the experimental group had
significantly higher self-esteem mean scores than they had prior to intervention (p < 0.001). However, the
comparison group showed no difference in self-esteem mean scores at both time periods of the post intervention
period (p > 0.05). It was also found that the experimental group’s self-esteem mean scores were significantly
higher than the comparison group’s, (p < 0.05) both immediately after the intervention as well as 4 weeks
henceforth. The self -esteem mean score at the 4 week post intervention stage remained higher than it was after
the intervention, even though there was slight decrease with significant difference (p < 0.001).

The research results indicate that the self-esteem level among adolescents could be developed,
especially amongst those adolescents in foster homes. Thus related organizations should conduct self-esteem
enhancing activities for adolescents in order to strengthen necessary life skills including spiritual health,
which are the prerequisites for success in later life.

Keywords: Self - esteem, Adolescent, Rajavithi Home for girls, Group activity

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