J Med Assoc Thai 2010; 93 (1):179

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Drug Use Evaluation of Statins at Siriraj Hospital, 2008
Suwansuksree N Mail, Thamlikitkul V , Yamwong P

Statins are commonly used for lipid reduction. There is no significant difference in the efficiency of
each type of statins. The study of statins’ efficacy shows that only generic simvastatin is cost-effective in
coronary heart disease prevention.

Objective: To determine the use and appropriateness of usage of statins in out-patients attending Siriraj
Hospital in 2008.

Material and Method: Medical records of all patients in Siriraj Hospital who received statins from January 1st
to December 31st, 2008 were reviewed. The appropriateness of statins used was analyzed in 247 medical
records based on number of risks and 10-year risk.

Results: There were 105,950 patients who received statins with total value of 308 million baht in 2008. The
major usages of statins were simvastatin (65%), atorvastatin (12%) and rosuvastatin (6%). However, the costs
of statins were 9%, 42%, and 20% for simvastatin, atorvastatin and rosuvastatin, respectively. Analysis of 247
medical records of the patients who received statins showed that statins were appropriately used in 19.4% of
cases. Inappropriate use of statins was due to not starting drugs treatment with simvastatin, or shifting from
simvastatin to other statins inappropriately.

Conclusion: Inappropriate use of statins at Siriraj Hospital is very common. Interventions for promoting more
appropriate use of statins should be implemented.

Keywords: Drug Use Evaluation, Statins

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