J Med Assoc Thai 2010; 93 (3):1

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An Exploratory Study on Association between Family Relationship and Relapse among Methamphetamine Users in Compulsory Treatment System of Khon Kaen and Yasothon Provinces
Rodseeda P Mail, Ratanasiri A , Kanato M , Pinitsoontorn S , Chiawiriyabunya I

Background: It was estimated that 3.5 million Thais have ever used “Yaba (methamphetamine)” at least once in their entire
life. The Northeastern region had the highest number of Yaba users with a high relapse rate after treatment.

Objective: The authors aimed to explore the association between relapse, among methamphetamine users in the Compulsory
Treatment System of Khon Kaen and Yasothon Provinces, and family relationship as well as other contextual factors.

Material and Method:
An exploratory study was conducted from all cases of post-treatment methamphetamine users in the
databases of Khon Kaen Drug Dependence Treatment Center and Yasothorn Provincial Probation Office during October
2007 and February 2008. Interviews and observations were done for data collection. Double data entry was applied. Pearson
Chi-square, Fisher’s exact test and odds ratio were used to assess the associations.

Results: Sixty-five users were found (13 relapses and 52 abstainers). Family relationship revealed no significant association
with relapse of the methamphetamine users. Other contextual factors, however, did. They were social acceptance [acceptance
by community leader (p = 0.006), acceptance for working or studying (p = 0.049)], risky community situations [using Yaba
of close friend, existence of Yaba users and Yaba trading in community (p = 0.014, p < 0.001 and p = 0.038 respectively)] and
risky personal behaviors [ever selling or being a Yaba agent and drinking of alcohol to reduce Yaba desire (p = 0.012 and p
= 0.013)].

Conclusion: Effect of family relationship on relapse among post-treatment methamphetamine users could not be demonstrated
in the present study. But several contextual factors had significant relationship with the relapse.

Keywords : Methamphetamine, Relapse, Family relationship, Contextual factor

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