J Med Assoc Thai 2023; 106 (4):334-40

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The Efficacy of Steamed Ginger Extract versus Placebo for Pain Relief at the Perineum and Uterus in First Normal Postpartum Women
Jaiarree N Mail, Roekruangrit N , Itharat A , Wanichsetakul P , Poomirat S

Background: Perineal and uterine pain are common postpartum complaint.

Objective: To compare the efficacy of steamed ginger extract, paracetamol, a stand analgesic used in Western medicine, and placebo for pain relief at the perineum and uterus in first normal postpartum women.

Materials and Methods: First pregnancy, postpartum women, who had a normal vaginal delivery, were given 3-day 200 mg tid of ginger extract/placebo capsules, or up to 500 mg qid paracetamol in an open randomized (1:1:1) trial. All drugs were given within two hours of delivery. The Numerical Rating Scale was used for pain assessment at 2, 24, 48, 72 hours postpartum. Ninety-nine women were recruited with similar demographic characteristics at the postnatal ward of Thammasat University Hospital.

Results: All groups showed decreasing mean perineal and uterine pain scores over time. The only significant differences in mean scores were seen for perineal pain at 24, 48, and 72 hours in the ginger extract versus the placebo arms at 3.97 versus 6.3, 2.48 versus 6.09, and 1.42 versus 2.61, respectively. There were no adverse drug reactions reported in any of the three arms.

Conclusion: Ginger extract capsules showed promising results and having no adverse reactions, so this should be developed further.

Keywords; Steamed Ginger Extract; Perineum Pain; Postpartum Women

DOI: 10.35755/jmedassocthai.2023.04.13831

Received 4 September 2022 | Revised 4 January 2023 | Accepted 16 January 2023

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