J Med Assoc Thai 2012; 95 (4):505

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Tenckhoff Catheter Malfunction Corrected by Gastric Channel-Cleaning Brush without Fluoroscopy
Intarawongchot P Mail

Objective: To review the modified gastric channel-cleaning brush without fluoroscopy technique, which is easier, faster, and safer than the original technique for correcting catheter malfunction in Nongkhai hospital.

Material and Method: Clinical records of CAPD patients with catheter malfunction in our facility between November 1, 2009 and April 30, 2011 were reviewed.

Results: The present study included 34 patients and 36 episodes of Tenckhoff catheter malfunction. Mean age was 58.26 years, male to female ratio 14:20. Causes of ESRD include 22 diabetes mellitus, five hypertension, four renal calculi, one nonsteroidal anti-inflammatory drugs used, and two unknown etiology. Mean time from Tenckhoff catheter placement to develop catheter malfunction was 2.47 months. Using the brush technique, 25 episodes were successfully corrected without any complications. Ten cases were corrected by surgical correction, of which seven were successful, and three were shifted to HD. By the way, one patient chose supportive treatment.

Conclusion: The gastric channel-cleaning brush without fluoroscopy technique should be considered for correcting Tenckhoff catheter malfunction to reduce the rate of catheter removal and keep the patients longer in CAPD therapy since it is effective and safe.

Keywords: Tenckhoff catheter malfunction, Correction, Gastric channel-cleaning brush

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