J Med Assoc Thai 2010; 93 (7):860

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Implementation of 100% Smoke-Free Hospital in Thailand
Vitavasiri C Mail, Pausawasdi S

Background: The best way to protect non-smokers’ health is to provide a smoke-free environment. Hospitals should be
100% smoke-free for the health of all patients and personnel.

Objective: To evaluate the 100% smoke-free hospital development plan for 2007-2009.

Material and Method:
The present study conducted a cross-sectional, descriptive research from May to September 2009.
Questionnaires on the 100% smoke-free hospital policy implementation were distributed to 1,040 hospitals, surveying the
operational policy, environmental aspect, community activities, cessation service, and research aspects.

Results: During 5-month period, 676 out of 1,040 distributed questionnaires were answered, representing 1,159 Thai
hospitals at 95 + 3% confidence level. 86.4% of Thai hospitals became 100% smoke-free with announced local smoking
policy, smoking cessation program, put up smoking free policy signs, organized smoking related activities, organized the
global non-smoking day activities, set up smoking cessation clinic in the hospital, and encouraged staff to quit smoking. Out
of 12 aspects, only four are implemented in less than 80% of the hospitals, setting up the working team, identifying smokers
among patients, fining smokers in the hospitals, and researching. In order to be a 100% smoke-free hospital, both the staffs
and inpatients must strictly refrain from smoking. Smoking staff were also encouraged to quit smoking in 95.7% of the
hospitals. However, only 53.4% of the Thai hospitals provided smoking cessation service to inpatients.

86.4% of Thai hospitals have become 100% smoke-free. For more effective hospital operation, TPAAT should
set the standard for 100% smoke-free hospitals, presenting the Best Practice hospital, setting protocol in smoking cessation,
protocol of fining smokers in the hospitals, and arranging academic conferences.

Keywords: 100% smoke-free hospital, Cessation service, Smoke-free environment

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