J Med Assoc Thai 1997; 80 (3):195

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Castleman's Disease : A Clinicopathologic Study of 12 Cases
Kasantikul V Mail, Panyavoravut V , Benjavongkulchai S , Panichabhongse V

Castleman's disease observed in 12 Thai patients was investigated. The male to female ratio
was I : 3. Peak prevalence was in the third and fourth decades. It is suggested that the disease in
Orientals tends to have extrathoracic mass more often than in Caucasians. Solitary non-tender
slow growing mass was the most common symptom. Generalized lymphadenopathy in association
with cutaneous plasmocytoma was noted in one example while asymptamatic pelvic lesion
in a patient was discovered incidentally. Histologically, the hyaline-vascular type was found in 8
instances, the remainders were plasma-cell type. Surgery was effective for localized lesions while
systemic form could benefit from chemotherapy.

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