J Med Assoc Thai 1998; 81 (8):608

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Experiment of Intranasal Synthetic Filter for Prevention of Suspended Particulated Matter: Rhinomanometric Evaluation
Tanpowpong K Mail

The experimental study of intranasal synthetic filter with stent was tried to decrease
suspended particulate matter for human respiratory tract. Facial mask or surgical mask were
evaluated. Nasal vestibular size in Thai adults was estimated. Different kinds of stents and
filters were used. Standard anterior rhinomanometry was the proper objective method to test
nasal air flow resistant of stent and filter. Nasal obstructive symptom correlated well with
rhinomanometric results. One layer of outer and inner face mask at each end of the cylindrical
silicone stent was the suitable device. There were no complications or side effects. This personal
protective device was cheap and available. The filtration efficacy should be tested in a general
population during a highly air-polluted period.

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