J Med Assoc Thai 2000; 83 (11):106

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Comparison of Parathyroid Hormone in Angiographically-demonstrated Coronary Artery Disease Patients and Healthy Thais
Poungvarin N Mail, Leowattana W , Mahanonda N , Bhuripanyo K , Pokum S , Worawattananon P

Parathyroid hormone (PTH) influences the calcium metabolism. The idea of cardiovascular
effects of PTH is not new. Target cells for PTH are cardiomyocytes and smooth muscle cells.
Evidence from previous studies suggest that many patients with heart disease have elevated PTH
concentrations. Our objective was to determine PTH status in patients with coronary artery
disease (CAD). We compared intact PTH levels in 109 CAD patients with 103 healthy people by
electrochemiluminescence immunoassay. Mean values of PTH in healthy Thais and CAD patients
were 37.4
17.9 and 40.2
21.8 respectively. No statistical difference was shown. In addition.
we compared PTH levels among various numbers of coronary occlusion and also found no dif-
ferences. We propose that intact PTH concentrations in CAD patients are not higher than in the
healthy population.
Key word : Coronary Artery Disease, Parathyroid Hormone

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