J Med Assoc Thai 2002; 85 (11):1226

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Primary Hypomagnesemia in Thai Infants : A Case Report with 7 Years Follow-Up and Review of Literature
Unachak K Mail, Louthrenoo O , Katanyuwong K

A female Thai baby born to non-consanguineous parents, presented with primary hypomag-
nesemia at I 0 weeks of age, and suffered recurrent convulsions that responded to magnesium supple-
mentation. She was found to have hypomagnesemia (Mg 0.35-1.02 mEq/L) and a low urinary mag-
nesium excretion of less than 10 mg per day, or urinary Mg/Cr that ranged from 0.005-0.01 mg/mg.
Intermittent hypomagnesemia and one episode of hypocalcemia with occasional convulsions deve-
loped, due to irregular consumption of oral magnesium sulfate, which had a bitter taste, caused frequent
loose stools and black staining of the teeth. Better compliance after switching from magnesium sulfate
to magnesium oxide resulted in an increased level of serum magnesium and the gradual disappearance
of the black staining of the teeth and frequent loose stools. The patient required an oral elemental
magnesium dosage of 15-30 mglkg/day to maintain the serum magnesium level at between 1.02-1.33
mEq/L and keep her free from convulsions. The follow-up period was 7 years during which the patient
showed normal physical growth and a mild degree of mental retardation.
Key word : Hypomagnesemia, Hypocalcemia, Convulsions, MgS0

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