J Med Assoc Thai 2002; 85 (5):577

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Hb G Makassar (Beta 6 : Glu-+Ala) in a Thai Family
Sangkitpom S Mail, Mitrakul C , Rerkamnuaychoke B , Sutivigit Y , Sangkitpom S

Hemoglobin G Makassar was identified in a family of Thai origin, which was found to
share identical properties with hemoglobin S in routine hemoglobin separation both by cellulose
acetate electrophoresis and cation-exchange HPLC.
is, therefore, subjects with hemoglobin G
Makassar and hemoglobin S who may sometimes be mistakenly identified for each other. In this
study, identification of hemoglobin G Makassar was achieved by DNA sequence analysis, which
revealed a single nucleotide substitution
at codon 6 of the beta-globin gene. The
hemoglobin variant was hemoglobin G Makassar [beta 6 :
This is the first report of
hemoglobin G Makassar in Thailand.
Key word
: Hemoglobin G Makassar, Thailand

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