J Med Assoc Thai 2002; 85 (8):907

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The Effect of Growth Hormone on ihe Development of In Vitro Matured Unstimulated Human Oocytes
Sophonsritsuk A Mail, Suwajanakom S , Pruksananonda K , Sereepapong W , Ahnonkitpanit V , Chompurat D , Numchaisrika P , Boonkasemsanti W , Virutamasen P

Objective : To investigate the effect of growth hormone on the development of
in vitro
matured unstimulated human oocytes.
Design : Randomized controlled study
Setting : Division of Reproductive Medicine, Department of Obstetrics and Gynecology,
Faculty of Medicine, Chulalongkom university
Material and Method : 108 germinal vesicle-stage oocytes were retrieved from 47 patients
undergoing gynecologic surgery. They were aspirated either during gynecologic surgery or from
excised ovaries. The oocytes were then cultured
in vitro
with or without growth hormone ( 1,000 ng/
ml) in medium199 supplemented with sodium pyruvate, FSH, LH, antibiotic and synthetic serum.
Incubation was done at 37 degree C with 5 per cent C0
in air and nuclear stage was assessed after
18, 42, 66 and 90 h of incubation.
Main outcome measure : Attainment of metaphase II and GVBD
Results : After
in vitro
culture, there were no significant differences in maturation and
GVBD rate. 27 of 52 (51.9%) oocytes (GV) in growth hormone group matured to metaphase II com-
pared with 25 of 53
(47.2%) GV in control group. GVBD rate for germinal vesicle-stage in growth
hormone group was 76.9 per cent compared with 79.2 per cent in control group.
Conclusion : Culture of immature oocytes
in vitro
with growth hormone results in similar
maturation rate as that without GH.
Key word : Growth Hormone,
In Vitro
Maturation, Immature Oocyte

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