J Med Assoc Thai 2003; 86 (5):449

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Effects of Ganglioside on Paclitaxel (Taxol) Induced Neuropathy in Rats
MD VC Mail, Sanguanrungsirigul S , Panyasawad N

The effects of ganglioside on paclitaxel induced neuropathy were studied in 15 female Wista
rats. The animals were equally divided into 3 groups based on the type of administrated drug. The first
(C-group) received an intraperitoneal weekly injection of 1 ml of NSS for five weeks. The second (P-
group) received 9 mg/kg of a paclitaxel intraperitoneal weekly injection for five weeks. The third (PG-
group) received both ganglioside and paclitaxel. Sensory evaluation and electrophysiologic studies of
the tail nerve were performed before the administration of the first dose and at the end of the experi-
ment. Morphological evaluation of the sciatic nerve was also studied. The results revealed the mean
reaction time of the tail flick test, latency, amplitude and nerve conduction velocity of the P-group in
the first and seventh week were of significant difference. However, there was no significant difference
detected in those of the C-group and the PG-group. There was significant difference in all parameters
between the PG and P-groups but not between the PG and C-groups. Cross sections of the sciatic nerve
in the P-group showed mild endoneurium edema and some degenerated axons. Small myelinated nerve
fibers in the PG-group were prominent. The results of this study indicated that ganglioside treatment
could produce some beneficial effects in an animal model of paclitaxel induced neuropathy.
Key word : Paclitaxel Induced Neuropathy, Taxol, Neuropathy, Ganglioside

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