J Med Assoc Thai 2003; 86 (5):462

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The Comparison of Corneal Thickness Measurement : Ultrasound versus Optical Methods
Chaidaroon W Mail

: To compare the measurement of central corneal thickness between ultrasonic and
optical techniques in normal Thai myopic eyes.
: In this prospective study, the ultrasonic and optical pachymeter were employed to
measure the central corneal thickness in 100 eyes of normal myopic volunteers. Corneal thickness was
compared using the paired Student t-test. The correlation of central corneal thickness between the two
groups was assessed by linear regression analysis.
: The difference of mean central corneal thickness between ultrasound (554.4
J.!m) and optical (581.1
22.62 J.!m) pachymetry was statistically significant in the normal myopic eyes
0.00 I). Both methods possessed a highly significant linear correlation (r
0.90, p
: The optical measurement of central corneal thickness in normal myopic eyes
is, on average, 27 J.!m greater than ultrasonic pachymeter measurement.
Key word
: Central Corneal Thickness, Ultrasonic Pachymetry, Optical Pachymetry

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