J Med Assoc Thai 2003; 86 (6):543

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Serum Copper, Zinc, Ceruloplasmin and Superoxide Dismutase in Thai Overweight and Obese
Tungtrongchitr R Mail, Pongpaew P , Phonrat B , Tungtrongchitr A , Viroonudomphol D , Vudhivai N , F , D

The serum copper, selenium, ceruloplasmin, superoxide dismutase (SOD) (specific activities
of antioxidant enzymes), anthropometric measurements, including waist/hip ratio 51 male and 190
female overweight subjects (body mass index (BMI)
25.0 kg/m2
compared with a 26 male and 83
female control group (BMI
18.5-24.9 kg/m
Thai volunteers who attended the Out-patient Depart-
ment, General Practice Section, Rajvithi Hospital, Bangkok, for a physical check-up from March to
October, 1998, were investigated. There was no age difference between the overweight group and the
controls. All of the anthropometric variables, except the height of the overweight group, were signifi-
cantly higher than those of the normal subjects. The medians of weight and waist/hip ratio of over-
weight and obese males were significantly higher than those of overweight and obese females. Serum
ceruloplasmin, copper were statistically significantly higher in overweight subjects than in the con-
trols. However, serum zinc and superoxide dismutase activity in the overweight group were found to be
lower than in the control group. Higher serum ceruloplasmin, copper, zinc and supcroxide dismutase
activity were shown in the female overweight group than in the male overweight group. Ceruloplas-
min was found to correlate positively with copper concentration but negatively related with super-
oxide dismutase enzyme activity. A negative correlation was found between serum copper and zinc
concentrations in both sexes of the overweight and obese subjects. Low SOD activity found in the
overweight and obese subjects might be caused by low zinc intake.
Key word : Superoxide Dismutase, Ceruloplasmin, Serum Copper, Serum Zinc, Obesity

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