J Med Assoc Thai 2003; 86 (9):876

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Effect of Antifungal Drugs on Pathogenic Naegleria spp Isolated from Natural Water Sources
Tiewcharoen S Mail, Junnu V , Suvoutho S

Five of 16 strains of pathogenic
spp isolated from 350 natural water sources in Taling
Chan District, Bangkok had similar molecular weights and zymogram patterns to those of
CDCVO 3081 and Thai strain. The
in vitro
effects of antifungal drugs (amphotericin B, ketocona-
zole, fluconazole and itraconazole) were tested at the following concentrations: amphotericin B 0.01-
0.55 Jlg/ml, ketoconazole 0.01-0.3 Jlg/ml, fluconazole 0.75-3.5 mg/ml and itraconazole 4-12 mg/ml
respectively. Aliquots (15,000 cells/ml) of the amoebae were placed in the cells of the microtiter plate
and incubated at 37"C. Amoebae from each treatment sample were exposed to one of the four antifun-
gal drugs. Statistical analysis was done by dependent t-test. The sensitivity of the antifungal drugs (MIC
was as follows : amphotericin B 0.03-0.035 Jlg/ml ketoconazole 0.05-0.15 Jlg/ml fluconazole 1.75
mg/ml and itraconazole 8-9 mg/ml respectively (p
0.005). Conclusion : Amphotericin B and ketoco-
nazole are more active against
Naegleriafowleri in vitro.
The results of the present study should be used
as an
in vitro
screening test for drugs that have potential amebicidal activity.
Key word : Antifungal Drugs, Pathogenic

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