J Med Assoc Thai 2004; 87 (3):233

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Red Blood Cell Vesicles in Thalassemia
Lamchiagdhase P Mail, Nitipongwanich R , Rattanapong C , Noulsri E , Lerdwana S , Pattanapanyasat K

Vesicles are part of the red blood cells membrane which can be found in a small number in
normal apoptotic process and increased in some diseases. In the present study, the authors measured
the percentage of red blood cell vesicles in healthy subjects (n
7), patients with a-thalassemia or
Hemoglobin (Hb) H disease (n
with nonsplenectomized (n
5) and splenectomized
7) before and after induction heated at 48.6"C by using flow cytometry. It was found that the
percentage of vesicles in every group were not statistically significantly different (p
0.05) between
pre and post incubation at 5 min. The percentage of vesicles of healthy subjects, 13-thal/Hb E non-
splenectomized patients and splenectomized patients were highest when induced by heating for 60 min.
For patients with Hb H disease, the percentage of vesicles was maximum at 30 min when compared
with healthy subjects, 13-thal/Hb
nonsplenectomized patients and splenectomized patients, respec-
tively. In the present study, the authors report the significant increase of the percentage of vesicles in
Hb H disease, 13-thal/Hb E nonsplenectomized and splenectomized after induction by heat when com-
pared with healthy subjects. These findings may support the different pathology of the red blood cells
found in a-and 13-thalassemia.
Key word : Vesicles, Thalassemia, Flow Cytometry

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