J Med Assoc Thai 2008; 91 (5):633

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Effect and Tolerability of Felodipine ER (FelotenR) in the Treatment of Hypertension Assessed by Office Blood Pressure and Home Blood Pressure
Thongsri T Mail

Objectives: To assess the efficacy of once daily dose generic Felodipine ER, FelotenR in terms of BP lowering
as assessed by office BP measurement (OBPM) and Home BP monitoring (HBPM)

Material and Method: Mild and moderate hypertensive patients (n = 60) were enrolled by primary care
physicians. After a 2 week run-in phase in which all patients received placebo, subjects received generic
felodipine ER 5 mg for 3 weeks. After 3 weeks of treatment, patients whose blood pressure target was not
achieved were given 10 mg of felodipine ER for 3 weeks. OBPM and HBPM were performed in the morning,
noon, evening, and nighttime for 1 day at baseline, 3 weeks, and 6 weeks.

Results: After 6 weeks, Generic felodipine ER reduced the average systolic BP (SBP) and diastolic BP (DBP)
measured by OBPM and HBPM. The effect on SBP showed every time on HBPM and was more pronounced in
the morning (trough drug level). However, the effects on DBP were not significant in the morning and noon. No
serious adverse drug side effect was detected.

Conclusion: Generic felodipine ER is effective in SBP reduction, in both OBPM and HBPM. It can be used once
daily to control the blood pressure for 24 hours.

Keywords: Generic felodipine ER, Home blood pressure monitoring, Self blood pressure measurement, Calcium

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