J Med Assoc Thai 2015; 98 (6):53

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Cross-Cultural Adaptation of the Compendium of Physical Activity: Thai Translation and Content Validity
Jalayondeja C Mail, Jalayondeja W , Vachalathiti R , Bovonsunthonchai S , Sakulsriprasert P , Kaewkhuntee W , Bunprajun T , Upiriyasakul R

Objective: To translate the compendium physical activity (compendium) proposed by Ainsworth to Thai and to validate the Thai translated version.
Material and Method: Five steps of cross-cultural adaption were conducted as follows: (1) forward translation, (2) group
review, (3) backward translation, (4) group review and final decision and (5) a pilot study. Eight hundred and twenty-one
activities of the compendium were translated to Thai by two independents translators. Thai translated version was considered by 23 persons who have studied physical activity for at least five years. Backward translation was carried out by two bilingual translators. The research team completed the final Thai translation by comparing original and translated versions. For pilot study the Thai translated version was validated by 22 allied health persons. Data was analyzed by multi-rater agreement
(Fleiss’s kappa) and qualitative analysis.
Results: For translations and group review, recommendations included; a) changing to lay language with the same meaning,
b) converting the US customary unit to the metric unit, and c) using consistent language. More than 80% of 22 persons
accepted the Thai translation and the Kappa agreement ranged from 0.187 to 0.694. Some activities demonstrated poor multirater agreement and required additional definitions.
Conclusion: Thai translated compendium physical activity was constructed to reduce the language barrier and promote
physical activity in Thailand. The poor to moderate agreement of each major heading of translation may partly be due to Western culture. Many activities in the compendium were assembled but they were not recognized by Thais. Hence, Thai compendium physical activity should to be developed in a future study.

Keywords: Physical activity, Compendium physical activity, Cross-cultural adaptation, Translation, Multi-rater agreement

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