J Med Assoc Thai 2016; 99 (6):16

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Central Spinal Canal Decompression for Lumbar Spondylosis with Uniportal Full-Endoscopic Interlaminar Approach: Technical Note and Preliminary Results in Thailand
Saetia K Mail, Kuonsongtham V

Objective: To describe surgical techniques for central spinal canal decompression with uniportal full-endoscopic interlaminar approach and report preliminary results of the first three cases.
Material and Method: Surgical technique for uniportal full-endoscopic interlaminar approach for central spinal canal
decompression was described step by step. Three consecutive cases that were operated by this new technique were illustrated by retrospective chart review.
Results: All three illustrative cases achieved excellent clinical outcomes in terms of leg pain and claudication without postoperative complications. A follow-up period was two to eight months. Intra-operative blood loss varied from 20 to 50 milliliter. All cases were discharged from the hospital within two days after surgery.
Conclusion: Uniportal full-endoscopic interlaminar approach is a viable alternative procedure for central spinal canal
decompression with the advantages of smaller skin incision and less tissue trauma. However, studies with larger number of cases and longer follow-up periods are needed in order to make a clear conclusion of the superiority of this new technique comparing to conventional microsurgical laminectomy.

Keywords: Spinal stenosis, Central canal stenosis, Spinal decompression, Endoscopic spinal decompression, Minimally
invasive spinal surgery

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