J Med Assoc Thai 2021; 104 (8):1389-92

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Beta-Blocker Attenuates Cardiotoxicity Related Anthracycline Usage
Amin LZ Mail, Amin HZ , Amin Z

To summarize the recent trials and studies of the role of beta-blocker on the treatment for cancer patients treated with anthracycline to decrease morbidity and mortality rate. Good management of cancer will result in large numbers of cancer survivors. On the other hand, cancer therapy also has side effects, one of which is cardiotoxicity. Cardiotoxicity could reduce therapy effectiveness, hence, increase disease progression and mortality rate. Anthracyclines is one of the chemotherapy agents with cardiotoxicity as a side effect. Beta-blocker has the ability to reduce cardiotoxicity due to anthracyclines usage.

Keywords: Beta-blocker; Cardiotoxicity; Anthracyclines

DOI: doi.org/10.35755/jmedassocthai.2021.08.9268

Received 2 August 2018 | Revised 21 August 2019 | Accepted 23 April 2021

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