J Med Assoc Thai 2019; 102 (12):1282-8

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Dietary Fiber Intake and Its Relationships with Lipid Profiles and Gut Microbiota in Obese Thai Children: A Pilot Study
Saengpanit P , Chomtho S , Sriswasdi S , Rodpan A , Joyjinda Y , Panichsillaphakit E , Uaariyapanichkul J , Tempark T , Bongsebandhu-phubhakdi C , Suteerojntrakool O , Visuthranukul C Mail

Objective: To assess the dietary fiber intake in obese Thai children and its relationships with lipid profiles and gut microbiota.

Materials and Methods: A cross-sectional study of obese Thai children aged 7 to 15 years was conducted between October 2017 and April 2018. The dietary fiber intake, body composition, and plasma lipid profiles of the participants were evaluated. Stool samples were analyzed for gut microbiota by 16S rRNA sequencing.

Results: There were 43 participants in the present study of which 27 participants (63%) were boy. The median (interquartile range, IQR) age was 10.0 (9.0 to 12.0) years. The median (IQR) BMI z-score was 3.0 (2.6 to 3.5). The mean±SD body fat percentage was 42.2±4.6%. The median (IQR) daily fiber intake was 2.3 (0.9 to 3.5) grams per 1,000 kcal. The prevalence of hypercholesterolemia, elevated LDL, and hypertriglyceridemia was 26%, 37%, and 14%, respectively. The total dietary fiber intake was negatively associated with the plasma total cholesterol (r=–0.379, p=0.01). Twenty-nine stool samples were analyzed. The most abundant bacterial groups belonged to the phyla Bacteroidetes (46%) and Firmicutes (39%). The dietary fiber intake tended to be positively associated with Lactobacillales (r=0.313, p=0.09) but it was not associated with Bifidobacteriales (r=0.109, p=0.57).

Conclusion: Obese Thai children consumed inadequate fiber. The higher dietary fiber intake was associated with a lower total cholesterol level and the more favorable gut microbiota composition. Further interventional study of dietary fiber supplement in this population is warranted.

Keywords: Dietary fiber, Gut microbiota, Lipid profiles, Body composition, Obesity

Received 3 Jan 2019 | Revised 18 Feb 2019 | Accepted 22 Feb 2019

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