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Original Article

The Occurrence of Small for Gestational Age Infants and Perinatal and Maternal Outcomes in Normal and Poor Maternal Weight Gain Singleton Pregnancies 259
Jariyapitaksakul C, Tannirandorn Y PDF
Universal Screening of Gestational Diabetes Mellitus: Prevalence and Diagnostic Value of Clinical Risk Factors 266
Arora D, Arora R, Sangthong S, Leelaporn W, Sangratanathongchai J PDF
Clinical Characteristic and Clinical Course of Aborted Sudden Cardiac Death Patients with Structurally Normal Heart in King Chulalongkorn Memorial Hospital 272
Thamaree S, Sunsaneewitayakul B PDF
Smoking and Death in Thai Diabetic Patients: The Thailand Diabetic Registry Cohort 280
Pratipanawatr T, Rawdaree P, Chetthakul T, Bunnag P, Ngarmukos C, Benjasuratwong Y, Leelawatana R, Kosachunhanun N, Plengvidhya N, Deerochanawong C, Suwanwalaikorn S, Krittiyawong S, Mongkolsomlit S, Komoltri C, Working Group T PDF
Diagnosis and Management of Congenital Adrenal Hyperplasia: 20-Year Experience in Songklanagarind Hospital 288
Jaruratanasirikul S, Thongseiratch T PDF
Clinicopathological Study of Primary Superficial Leiomyosarcomas 294
Burusapat C, Satayasoontorn K, D Nelson S PDF
Estrogen and Progesterone Receptors in Patients with Bladder Pain Syndrome 302
Ungbhakorn P, Chalermsanyakorn P, Nilskulwat S, Kochakarn W PDF
A Comparison of Dexmedetomidine and Propofol in Patients Undergoing Electrophysiology Study 307
Prachanpanich N, Apinyachon W, Ittichaikulthol W, Moontripakdi O, Jitaree A PDF
Plasma Concentrations of Bupivacaine after Spinal Anesthesia with Single Shot Femoral Nerve Block in Total Knee Arthroplasty 312
Lapmahapaisan S, Chinachoti T, Kongpatanakul S, Chatsiricharoenkul S, Tovnich B, Duangkaew W, Pongnarin P, Sakulpacharoen N, Somcharoen W PDF
Optic Atrophy after Anti-vascular Endothelial Growth Factor Injection in Diabetic Patients with Proliferative Diabetic Retinopathy 318
Singalavanija A, Hemarat K, Kedkovid N, Tanterdtham J, Namatra C, Trinavarat A, Rodanant N, Thoongsuwan S PDF
Normal Smell Identification Score and N-Butanol Threshold in Thai Adults 324
Chaiyasate S, Roongrotwattanasiri K, Hanprasertpong N, Fooanant S PDF
Sinonasal Papilloma in Chiang Mai University Hospital 329
Fooanant S, Pattarasakulchai T, Tananuvat R, Sittitrai P, Chaiyasate S, Roongrotwattanasiri K, Srivanitchapoom C PDF
Evaluation of Pulmonary Metastases in Children by Non-Contrast Chest Computed Tomography 334
Iemsawatdikul K, Wonglaksanapimon S, Mingkwansook V, Lornimitdee W PDF
Focal Fibrosis of the Breast Diagnosed by Core Needle Biopsy under Imaging Guidance 340
Wiratkapun C, Chansanti O, Wibulpolprasert B, Lertsittichai P PDF
Ischemic Cerebrovascular Disease and Calcified Intracranial Vertebrobasilar Artery: A Case-Control Study by Using Cranial CT 346
Chawalparit O, Chareewit S PDF
Oral Health Status of Dementia Patients in Chiang Mai Neurological Hospital 351
Srisilapanan P, Jai-ua C PDF
Positive Effects of Ska Game Practice on Cognitive Function among Older Adults 358
Panphunpho S, Thavichachart N, Kritpet T PDF
Thai Health Education Program for Improving TB Migrant’s Compliance 365
Khortwong P, Kaewkungwal J PDF

Case Report

Early Onset and Rapid Progression of Glaucoma in a Neonate with Sturge-Weber Syndrome 374
Chaithirayanon S, Boonyaleephan S, Treesirichod A, Siripornpanich V PDF
Primary Angiosarcoma of the Breast: A Case Report and Review of the Literature 378
Sriussadaporn S, Angspatt A PDF