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Original Article

Rate of Abnormal Results from Repeated Screening Tests for Gestational Diabetes Mellitus after Normal Initial Tests 1269
Boriboonhirunsarn D, Chutimongkonkul W PDF
Challenges in the Conduct of Thai Herbal Scientific Study: Efficacy and Safety of Phytoestrogen, Pueraria Mirifica (Kwao Keur Kao), Phase I, in the Alleviation of Climacteric Symptoms in Perimenopausal Women 1274
Chandeying V, Lamlertkittikul S PDF
Risk Assessment of Preeclampsia in Advanced Maternal Age by Uterine Arteries Doppler at 17-21 Weeks of Gestation 1281
Sritippayawan S, Phupong V PDF
Risk Factors Related to Group B Streptococcal Colonization in Pregnant Women in Labor 1287
Kovavisarach E, Sa-ad ying W, Kanjanahareutai S PDF
Risk Factors of Retained Placenta in Siriraj Hospital 1293
Panpaprai P, Boriboonhirunsarn D PDF
Seizure in Non-HIV Cryptococcal Meningitis 1298
Tiamkao S, Sawanyawisuth K, Chotmongkol V PDF
Clinical Manifestation and Survival of Patients with Small-Cell Lung Cancer 1303
Thammakumpee K, Juthong S, Viriyachaiyo V, Rittirak W, Tanomkiat W PDF
375 Childhood Primary Headache: Clinical Features, the Agreement between Clinical Diagnosis and Diagnoses Using the International Classification of Headache Disorders in Thai Children 1309
Ruangsuwan S, Sriudomkajorn S PDF
Fecal Alpha1 - Antitrypsin in Healthy and Intestinal-Disorder Thai Children 1317
Tangsilsat D, Atamasirikul K, Treepongkaruna S, Nathsevee S, Sumritsopak R, Kunakorn M PDF
Survival and Outcome of Very Low Birth Weight Infants Born in a University Hospital with Level II NICU 1323
Sritipsukho S, Suarod T, Sritipsukho P PDF
The Immunological Response of Thai Infants to Haemophilus influenzae Type B Polysaccharide-Tetanus Conjugate Vaccine Co-administered in the Same Syringe with Locally Produced Diphtheria-Tetanus-Pertussis Vaccine 1330
Kerdpanich A, Hutagalung Y, Watanaveeradej V, L Bock H, Steinhoff M PDF
The Relationship of Facet Tropism to Lumbar Disc Herniation 1337
Kunakornsawat S, Ngamlamaidt K, Tungsiripat R, Prasartritha T PDF
The Prevalence of Thrombophilia and Venous Thromboembolism in Total Knee Arthroplasty 1342
Chotanaphuti T, Ongnamthip P, Silpipat S, Foojareonyos T, Roschan S, Reumthantong A PDF
The Results of Percutaneous Release of Trigger Digits by Using Full Handle Knife 15º: An Anatomical Hand Surface Landmark and Clinical Study 1348
Jongjirasiri Y PDF
Incidence and Time Trend of Surgical Site Infection in Ramathibodi Hospital during the Years 2003-2005 1356
Kehachindawat P, Malathum K, Boonsaeng K, Siripornpinyo N, Bhumisirikul P, Kolkalkul J, Lertsithichai P PDF
The Efficacy of 5% Imiquimod Cream in the Prevention of Recurrence of Excised Keloids 1363
Chuangsuwanich A, Gunjittisomrarn S PDF
Combined Spinal-Epidural Analgesia and Epidural Analgesia in Labor: Effect of Intrathecal Fentanyl vs. Epidural Bupivacaine as a Bolus 1368
Ngamprasertwong P, Kumwilaisak K, Indrambarya T, Supbornsug K, Ngarmukos S PDF
The Thai Anesthesia Incidents Study (THAI Study) of Perioperative Death in Geriatric Patients 1375
Rodanant O, Hintong T, Chua-in W, Tanudsintum S, Sirinan C, Kyokong O PDF
Asymptomatic Avascular Osteonecrosis of the Hip in New Patients Diagnosed as Systemic Lupus Erythematosus in Ramathibodi Hospital 1382
Jaovisidha S, Denprechawong R, Suwannalai P, Janwityanujit S PDF
Diagnostic Accuracy of MRI/MRSI for Patients with Persistently High PSA Levels and Negative TRUS-Guided Biopsy Results 1391
Bhatia C, Phongkitkarun S, Booranapitaksonti D, Kochakarn W, Chaleumsanyakorn P PDF
Epidemiologic Study of 112 Osteosarcomas in Chiang Mai University Hospital, Thailand 1400
Settakorn J, Rangdaeng S, Arpornchayanon O, Lekawanvijit S, Suwannason P, S Thorner P PDF
Incidence of Helicobacter pylori Recurrent Infection and Associated Factors in Thailand 1406
Thong-Ngam D, Mahachai V, Kullavanijaya P PDF
Aerobic Capacity of Fifth-Year Medical Students at Chiang Mai University 1411
Tongprasert S, Wattanapan P PDF
The Oswestry Low Back Pain Disability Questionnaire (Version 1.0) Thai Version 1417
Sanjaroensuttikul N PDF
Anatomic Characteristics and Surgical Implications of the Superficial Radial Nerve 1423
Huanmanop T, Agthong S, Luengchawapong K, Sasiwongpakdee T, Burapasomboon P, Chentanez V PDF
Evaluation of the Effectiveness of a Computer-Based Learning (CBL) Program in Diabetes Management 1430
Chaikoolvatana A, Haddawy P PDF

Case Report

Autologous Chondrocyte Implantation for Traumatic Large Cartilage Defect 1435
Chanlalit C, Kasemkijwattana C, Varavit V PDF
Operative Results of Adolescent Idiopathic Scoliosis in Lerdsin Hospital 1443
Kunakornsawat S, Watcharananan I, Tungsiripat R, Prasartritha T PDF
The Outcome of Surgical Treatment for Tumors of the Craniocervical Junction 1450
Khaoroptham S, Jittapiromsak P, Siwanuwatn R, Chantra K PDF
Feasibility, Safety, and Mid-Term Efficacy of Cardiac Resynchronization Therapy in Patients with Severe Heart Failure and Ventricular Conduction Delay: Chulalongkorn Experience 1458
Sunsaneewitayakul B, Sitthisook S, Sangwatanaroj S, Prechawat S, Songmuang S PDF
Specific Antivenom for Bungarus Candidus 1467
Leeprasert W, Kaojarern S PDF

Medical Ethics

Telling a Lie 1477
Phaosavasdi S, Thaneepanichskul S, Tannirandorn Y, Phupong V, Uerpairojkit B, Pruksapongs C, Kajanapitak A PDF