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Original Article

Amoebic Liver Abscess in Thailand, Clinical Analysis of 418 Cases 243
Boonyapisit S, Chinapak O, Plengvanit U PDF
Diabetes Mellitus in the Young in Srinagarind Hospital 247
Kiatsayompoo S, Lueprasitsakul W, Bhuripanyo P, Graisopa S PDF
Drinking Problem : A Hidden Problem in General Practice 252
Assanangkornchai S PDF
Cytologic Evaluation of Smears Obtained by Self-collection Vaginal Tampon 260
Reowchopisakul K, Linasmita V, Srivannaboon S, Suthutvoravut S PDF
One Layer Continuous Anastomosis of the Alimentary Tract with Absorbable Polydioxanone Suture 264
Chittmittrapap S, Kitisin P, Navicharem P PDF
Differential Radiosensitization of Radioresistant Human Cancer Cells by Caffeine 271
Boonkitticharoen V, Laohathai K, Puribhat S PDF
Acarboxy Prothrombin (PIVKA -II) in Cord Plasma in the South of Thailand 278
Laosombat V, Kenpitak K, Wongchanchailert M, Wiriyasateinkul A PDF

Case Report

Pelagic Paralysis from Puffer Fish Poisoning 285
Kanchanapongkul J, Tantraphon W PDF
Diabetic Ketoacidosis in Pregnancy 288
Phuapradit W, Saropala N, Roungsipragam R PDF
Uterine Rupture and Labor Induction with Prostaglandins 292
Phuapradit W, Herabutya Y, Saropala N PDF
Cholesterol Granuloma Coincidence with a Large and High Jugular Bulb: Report of a Case 296
Kasemsuwan L, Jenjitranant J, Clongsusuek P PDF