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Original Article

Prophylactic Oophorectomy of Benign Uterine Disease in Premenopausal Women : 11 Years Review 505
Suchartwatnachai C, Jetsawangsri T, Tanuntaseth C, Theppisai U, Jittachareon A, Jirapinyo M, Chaturachinda K PDF
The Effect of Oral Contraceptives on Protein Metabolism 509
Amatayakul K, Laokuldilok T, Koottathep S, Dejsarai W, Prapamontol T, Srirak N, Tansuhaj A, Uttaravichai C PDF
Subclinical Carpal Tunnel Syndrome in Hospital Staff 517
Jitpraphai C, Prachathomrong P, ChiraAdisai W PDF
Clinical Aspects and Treatment Outcome in HIV -Associated Pulmonary Tuberculosis : An Experience from a Thai Referral Centre 520
Hongthiamthong P, Riantawan P, Subhannachart P, Fuangtong P PDF
Massive Allograft Implantation for Limb Salvage : A Clinical Study of 20 Cases 526
Subhadrabandhu T, Keorochana S, Vajaradul Y PDF
Why do Varices Develop Preferrentially in the Esophagus in Portal Hypertensive Patients? : A Hypothesis Based on Cardiopulmonary Physiology 534
Wattanasirichaigoon S, Tang 1, Harris A PDF
The Effect of Spironolactone on the Rat Uterus 539
Coksevim B, Tayyar M PDF

Case Report

Cysticercosis in the Posterior Cranial Fossa 544
Cheepsattayakom R, Tantachamroon T PDF
Sonographic Prenatal Diagnosis of Heterozygous Achondroplasia : A Case Report 549
Sukcharoen N PDF
Kenny-Caffe Syndrome 554
Churesigaew S PDF