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Original Article

Surgical Treatment of Adolescent Idiopathic Scoliosis Using Harrington Distraction Rod Combined with Segmental Sublaminar Wiring 617
Chotigavanich C, Songcharoen P, Thanapipatsiri S PDF
Hemifacial Spasm : An Electrophysiological Evidence of Facial Motorneurons Hyperexcitability 627
Eksantivongs S, Poungvarin N, Viriyavejakul A, Punyamee J PDF
Efficiency of Discontinuous Percoll Gradients Preparation for Selection of Motile Sperm from Poor Quality Semens 633
Sukcharoen N PDF
Phonation Time, Phonation Volume and Air Flow Rate in Normal Adults 639
Prathanee B, Watthanathon J, Ruangjirachupom P PDF
King Cobra Bite 646
Kamchanachetanee C PDF
A Preliminary Study of Indoor Radon in Thailand 652
Polpong P, Aranyakananda P, Bovomkitti S PDF
Abnormally Elevated Serum Transcobalamin II Levels in Patients with Cerebral Malaria 657
Areekul S, Churdchu K, Thanomsak W, Cheeramakara C, Wilairatana P, Charoenlarp P PDF

Case Report

Subacute Necrotizing Encephalopathy (Leigh's Disease) in a Child with Particular Reference to CT Finding 663
Nitinavakam B, Shuangshoti S PDF
Torsion of the Gallbladder 669
Panich V PDF