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Original Article

Efficacy and Acceptability of Perinodopril in Essential Hypertension 281
Sukonthasarn A, Ratanaprakarn R, Koanantakul B, NgamUkos P PDF
Seroprevalence of HIV Antibodies and Risk Factors in Healthy Young Males from Upper North Thailand 288
Theetranont C, Suprasert S, Matanasarawoot A, Romyen S, Tulvatana S, Nelson KE, Celentanao DD, Wright N PDF
Monospecific Antivenin Therapy in Russell's Viper Bite 293
Kamchanachetanee C, Hanvivatvong O, Mahasandana S PDF
Susceptibility Patterns of Clinical Bacterial Isolates in Nineteen Selected Hospitals in Thailand 298
Leelarasamee A, TianGrim S PDF
Radiation Treatment of Retinoblastoma : Experience in the Past Two Decades 308
Pochanugool L, Hathirat P, Kunavisarut S, Pairachvet V PDF
Changes in Urinary Chemical Composition in Healthy Volunteers After Consuming Roselle (Hibiscus sabdariffa Linn.) Juice 314
Kirdpon S, Nakorn SN, Kirdpon W PDF

Case Report

Disseminated Cryptococcosis Presenting As Molluscum-Like Lesions in Three Male Patients with Acquired Immunodeficiency Syndrome 322
Chiewchanvit S, Chuaychoo B, Mahanupab P PDF
Polyglandular Autoimmune (PGA) Syndromes : Report of Three Cases and Review of the Literature 327
Bunnag P, Rajatanavin R PDF
Extracorporeal Membrane Oxygenation for Postoperative Cardiac Support in Ebstein 's Anomaly : A Case Report 334
Aphinives P, Tontisirin C PDF