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Original Article

The Role of Radiation Therapy in Retinoblastoma 393
Pochanugool L, Kunavisarut S, Hathirat P, Dangprasert S PDF
Hormonal and Metabolic Responses to Acute Exercise in Thai Women 400
Chearskul S, Srichantaap T PDF
Dengue Infection with Unusual Manifestations 410
Thisyakorn U, Thisyakorn C PDF
Detection of Human Cytomegalovirus in Urine of Infants by Polymerase Chain Reaction 414
Siritantikorn S, Nantharukchaikul S, Chavalidthamrong P, Sutthent R, Wasi C, Thongcharoen P PDF
Treatment of Hydroceles by Aspirations and Tetracycline Instillations 421
Suwan P PDF
Changes in White Blood Cells and Myeloperoxidase Activity in rhG-CSF Prophylactic Patients Receiving Cytotoxic Chemotherapy 426
Charuruks N, Krailadsiri P, Voravud N, Nitipaijit N, Srisink N, Settapiboon R PDF
Endometrial Feature and Uterine Blood Flow in Abnormal Uterine Bleeding 435
Tresukosol D, Paosavasdi S, Sirisabya N PDF
Clinical Study of HIV Disease in the Lower Area of Northern Thailand in 1994 440
Swasdisevi A PDF

Case Report

The Largest Ovarian Cyst in Songklanagarind Hospital : A Case Report 444
Suntharasaj T, Sriwongpanich S, Sorapipat C PDF