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Original Article

The Protective Effect of Inhaled Terbutaline, Sodium Cromoglycate and Budesonide on Exercise-induced Asthma in Children 505
Pichaipat V, Tongpenyai Y, Nerntong T, Sriprapachiranont C PDF
Clinical Effect of Dynorphin on Heroin Addicts 509
Uneklabh T, Sintavanarong P, Wessagowit V, Lukanapichonchut L PDF
Ages at Thelarche and Menarche : Study in Southern Thai Schoolgirls 517
Jaruratanasirikul S, Lebel L PDF
Effects of Law Promulgation for Compulsory Use of Protective Helmets on Death Following Motorcycle Accidents 521
Panichaphongse V, Watanakajorn T, Kasantikul V PDF
The Screening for Gestational Diabetes Employing 50 g Glucose Test 526
Thitadilok W, Techatraisak K PDF
Patient-Controlled Analgesia in Thai Patients 532
Sanansilp V, Lertakyamanee J, Udompunturak S PDF
Does Furosemide Prevent Hypertension During Perioperative Splenectomy in Thalassemic Children? 542
Suwanchinda V, Pirayavaraporn S, Yokubol B, Tengapiruk Y, Laohapensang M, Udomphunthurak S PDF
Postoperative Nausea Vomiting (PONV): Influence of Bowel Manipulation During Intraabdominal Surgery 547
Sirivanasandha P PDF
Screening for Urinary Amphetamine in Truck Drivers and Drug Addicts 554
Pidetcha P, Congpuong P, Putriprawan T, Rekakanakul R, Suwanton L, Tantrarongroj S PDF
A Therapeutic Community for HIV-Infected Persons: An Approach for Prevention and Control of AIDS 559
Warnnissorn T PDF

Case Report

Treatment of Giant-Cell Tumor of the Spine : Report of Four Cases 565
Wajanavisit W, Laohacharoensombat W, Lektrakul S, Sirikulchayanonta V PDF