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Pneumonia in Mechanicalll Ventilated Patients in Nan Hospital Intensive Care lJnit 102
Thanamee N, Sujarirjan N, Techasena W PDF
Bacterial Peritonitis Associated with Peritoneal Dialysis 105
Surcharirchan N, S, Yawinchun e PDF
Needlesticks and Other Cuts with Sharp Objects in Siriraj Hospital 1992 108
Danchaivtjirr Sw, Sangkard K PDF
Universal Precautions : Knowledge, Compliance and Attitudes of Doctors and Nurses in Thailand 112
Danchaivi)irr S, Tanrnvaranapaibool Y, Cwkloikaell S, Tangrrakool T, Surhisanon L, Jirrel!cheue L PDF
Compliance with Universal Precautions by Emergency Room Nurses at Maharaj Nakorn Chiang Mai Hospital 118
Picheansathian W PDF
Luidelines for Prevention and Management of Needlestick 123
Hospital T PDF
Luidelines for Infection Control in Dental Units 125
Hospital T PDF
Luidelines for Prevention of Nosocomial Enteric Infection 127
Hospital T PDF
Luidelines for the Use of Protective barriers in Clinical Practices 129
Hospital T PDF
Luidelines for a Policy on the Use of Antiseptics and Disinfectants 131
Hospital T PDF
Luidelines for the Choice of Disposable and Reusable Medical Equipment 132
Hospital T PDF
Luidelines for Implementation of Universal Precautions 133
Hospital T PDF
Luidelines for Infection Control in Health Personnel 135
Hospital T PDF
Symposium : The Administration of Hospital Environment 137
Jirawongse P, Mahapot N, Sumaanarakakut P, Kaikes H PDF
Symposium : Management of Infectious Waste 140
Pong1hai S, Tiasuwan S, Kraisriwaana J, wang S PDF
Tuberculosis Revitalized 142
Limsuwan A, Wa!anasir S PDF
The Second Thai National Prevalence Studl on Nosocomial Infections 1992- 67
Danchaivijitr S, Tangtrakool T, Chokloikuew S PDF
A National Study on Surgical Wound Infections 1992 73
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Surgical Wound Infections in Gynaecology at Rajvithi Hospital 1989-1990- Warujee Choojirr, B. 78
Ruungkris T PDF
Contamination of Blood Cultures by Switch-needle and Nonswitch-needle Techniques in a Paediatric Ward 81
Pitaksiripun S, Todsiang S, Dhammachai K, Umnajsirisuk S PDF
Infusion-related phlebitis 85
Dunchaivijitr S, Srihapol N, Pakaworawuth S, Vaithayapiches S, Judang T, Pumsuwun V, Kachintorn K PDF
Infusion Phlebitis in Medical and Surgical Patients in Siriraj Hospital 91
Srihapol N, Pakaworuwur S PDF
An Outbreak of Post-operative Endophthalmitis in Lampang Hospital 95
Piruksinjwn S, Burpongsupun S, Pravirhayakurn L, Tippuyudurapanich Dn PDF
An outbreak of Norwegian Scabies in a Surgical Ward 99
Danchairi)llr Sw, Surhipinirrharm P, Srihapol N PDF