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Original Article

One-Year Assessment of Women Receiving Sub-Dermal Contraceptive Implant at Siriraj Family Planning Clinic 775
Thamkhantho M, Jivasak-Apimas S, Angsuwathana S, Chiravacharadej G, Intawong J PDF
Preliminary Report on Characteristics of Women Participating in the Meeting of the Oral Contraceptive Pill Members Club at Siriraj Hospital 781
Thamkhantho M, Jivasak-Apimas S, Chiravacharadej G, Inthawong J, Butrpetch K, Harnnarong B PDF
50 Grams Glucose Challenge Test for Screening of Gestational Diabetes Mellitus in Each Trimester in Potential Diabetic Pregnancy 787
Punthumapol C, Tekasakul P PDF
Fetal Ductus Venosus Pulsatility Index and Diameter during 20-30 Weeks Gestation 794
Chanthasenanont A, Pongrojpaw D, Somprasit C PDF
Relieving Perineal Pain after Perineorrhaphy by Diclofenac Rectal Suppositories: A Randomized Double-Blinded Placebo Controlled Trial 799
Achariyapota V, Titapant V PDF
Study of the Causes and the Results of Treatment in Infertile Couples at Thammasat Hospital between 1999-2004 805
Chiamchanya C, Su-angkawatin W PDF
Transabdominal Chorionic Villus Sampling: Experience at Maharaj Nakorn Chiang Mai Hospital 813
Sirichotiyakul S, Piyamongkol W, Tongprasert F, Srisupandit K, Luewan S PDF
Aspirin Non-responders in Thai Ischemic Stroke/TIA Patients 818
Dharmasaroja P PDF
Clinical Outcomes of Fast Track Managed Care System for Acute ST Elevation Myocardial Infarction (STEMI) Patients: Chonburi Hospital Experience 822
Tantisiriwat W, Ngamkasem H, Tantisiriwat S PDF
Experience of Percutaneous Mechanical Mitral Commissurotomy Using Metallic Commissurotome in Patients with Mitral Stenosis at Chest Disease Institute 828
Saejueng B, Tansuphaswadikul S, Hengrussamee K, Kehasukcharoen W, Assavahanrit J, Kanoksin A PDF
Lipid Treatment Assessment Project II in Thailand (LTAP-II Thailand) 836
Nitiyanant W, Sritara P, Deerochanawong C, Ngarmukos P, Koanantakul B PDF
The Relationship between Microalbuminuria by Using Urine Dipsticks and Diabetic Retinopathy in Type 2 Diabetes 846
Potisat S, Srisubat A, Krairttichai U, Jongsareejit A PDF
Dural Carotid Cavernous Sinus Fistula: Ocular Characteristics, Endovascular Management and Clinical Outcome 852
Preechawat P, Narmkerd P, Jiarakongmun P, Poonyathalang A, Pongpech S PDF
Minimization of the Number of Pedicular Screws Placing in the Degenerative Lumbar Spine 864
Hirunyachote P, Adukasem W PDF
The Epidemiology of Mandibular Fractures Treated at Chiang Mai University Hospital: A Review of 198 Cases 868
Sirimaharaj W, Pyungtanasup K PDF
Factors Influencing Length of Stay in Neurosurgical Intensive Care Unit 875
Kumwilaisak K, Kyokong O, Indrambarya T PDF
Hospitalized Infant Morbidity in the Prospective Cohort Study of Thai Children Project 882
Sornsrivichai V, Chongsuvivatwong V, Mo-suwan L, Intusoma U PDF
Clinical Silent Cerebral Infarct (SCI) in Patients with Thalassemia Diseases Assessed by Magnetic Resonance Imaging (MRI) 889
Metarugcheep P, Chanyawattiwongs S, Srisubat K, Pootrakul P PDF
Computer Tomographic Findings of the Brain in HIV-Patients at Ramathibodi Hospital 895
Hongsakul K, Laothamatas J PDF
Acyclovir Susceptibility of Herpes Simplex Virus Isolates at King Chulalongkorn Memorial Hospital, Bangkok 908
Sangdara A, Bhattarakosol P PDF
Health-Related Quality of Life in Thai Bipolar Disorder 913
Kongsakon R, Thomyangkoon P, Kanchanatawan B, Janenawasin S PDF
Quality Assessment Program for Blood Smear Examination of Health Laboratories in Thailand 919
Chamroon S PDF

Case Report

Fulminating Influenza Pneumonia in the Elderly: A Case Demonstration 924
Leelarasamee A, Jongwutiwes U, Tantipong H, Puthavathana P, Siritantikorn S PDF
Primary Actinomycotic Endocarditis: A Case Report and Literature Review 931
Jitmuang A PDF
Tuberculous Appendicitis Presenting with Lower Gastrointestinal Hemorrhage - A Case Report and Review of the Literature 937
Kuntanapreeda K PDF

Special Article

Incretins: The Novel Therapy of Type 2 Diabetes 943
Thongtang N, Sriwijitkamol A PDF

Medical Ethics

Plagiarism: Ethical Problem for Medical Writing 955
Wiwanitkit V PDF