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Original Article

Changes of Liver Functions After Albendazole Treatment in Human Gnathostomiasis 735
nkatanuvat S, Suntharasamai P, Vutikes S, Riganti M PDF
Reduction -Mediated 99mTc -Labeling of Antitumor Monoclonal Antibodies Effect of Increasing Specific Activity on Antibody Binding Kinetics 741
Boonkitticharoen V, Puchinda D, Chouplywech P, Jalayondeja W PDF
Guillain-Barre Syndrome in Thai Children: Retrospective Analysis of the Clinical and Outcome Prior to Intravenous Immune Globulin Era 750
Visudtibhan A, Visudhiphan P, Chiemchanya S, Wiengperm M PDF
Removal of Dislocated Intravitreal Lens Nucleus and Lens Fragments 757
Singalavanija A, Bamroongsuk P PDF
Paclitaxel and Carboplatin in Combination in the Treatment of Advanced Non-small-cell Lung Cancer (NSCLC) : A Preliminary Study 763
Ratanatharathorn V, Jirajarus M, Sirachainan E, Sirilerttrakul S, Euaree A, Supatchaipisit P PDF
The Comparative Bioavailability of a Generic and the Innovator Fluconazole Preparations in Healthy Thai Volunteers 772
Teekachunhatean S, Rojanastein N, Manorot M, Sangdee C, Apisariyakul A, Ajayutphokin U PDF
A Comparison Between 25 Micrograms and 50 Micrograms of Intravaginal Misoprostol for Labor Induction 779
Srisomboon J, Singchai S PDF
Oral Diadochokinetic Rate in Adults 784
Prathanee B PDF

Case Report

Multiple Endocrine Neoplasis Type Ila : A Case Report 789
Seeherunvong T, Churesigaew S, Hemsrichart V PDF
Mucinous Cystadenocarcinoma of the Lung 794
Tangthangtham A, Chonmaitri I, Tungsagunwattana S, Charupatanapongse U PDF
Metastatic Follicular Carcinoma of Thyroid to Pericardium 799
Chiewvit S, Pusuwan P, Chiewvit P, Pleehachinda R, Attanatho V, Mongkharuk J PDF
Successful Modified Norwood Operation for Hypoplastic Left Heart Syndrome in Neonatal Peroid : The First Reported Case in Thailand 803
Benjacholamas V, Lertsapcharoen P, Boonburapong P PDF
Hydroa Vacciniforme with Ocular Involvement 807
Wisuthsarewong W, Leenutaphong V, Viravan S PDF
Wooden Foreign Body in the Orbital Cavity : A Case Report 812
Charakom C, Wongphichetchai S PDF

Medical Ethics

1. Is This Patient A Time Bomb" if She Goes Home? 2. Etiquette of Medical Consultations" 817
Phaosavasdi S, Wilde H, Pruksapong C, Tannirandorn Y, Taneepanichskul S PDF