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Original Article

Shoulder Dystocia : Fifteen Years' Experience in Ramathibodi Hospital 821
Roungsipragarn R, Herabutya Y PDF
A Biomechanic Study of the Surgical Repair Technique of Pars Defect in Spondylolysis 824
Vathana P, Prasartritha T PDF
Renal Pathology and Long-term Outcome in Childhood SLE 830
Sumboonnanonda A, Vongjirad A, Suntornpoch V, Laohapand T, Parichatikanond P PDF
Factors Influencing CPR Outcome in Siriraj Hospital 835
Suraseranivongse S, Somprakit P, Soontranant P, Katesumpam Y, Wongchuengam W PDF
Outcome of Treatment of Rectal Cancer 844
Rojvachiranonda N, Vajrabukka T PDF
Erotomania in Thai Patients: A Study of 20 Cases 852
Kasantikul D PDF
Emergency Cervical Cerclage: Ramathibodi Hospital Experience 858
Chanrachakul B, Herabutya Y PDF
Loss to Follow-up of Patients with Abnormal Pap Smear Magnitude and Reasons 862
Thinkhamrop J, Lumbiganon P PDF
Results of Rapid Two-stage Arterial Switch Operation in Patients with Transposition of the Great Arteries : One-year Postoperation 866
Laohaprasitipom D, Nana A, Soongswang J, Sriyoscharti S, Pomvirawan S, Prakanrattana U, Watthanaprakamchai W, Kangkagate C PDF
AIDS Education and Intervention Trials Among Youths in Factories: A Pilot Project 872
Sakondhavat C, Sittitrai W, Soontharapa S, Werawatanakul Y, Pinitsoontorn P PDF
Production of Monoclonal Antibody to CD4 Antigen and Development of Reagent for CD4+ Lymphocyte Enumeration 879
Kasinrerk W, Tokrasinwit N, Naveewongpanit P PDF
Prolonged Fever due to Mycobacterium Avium Complex (MAC) Disease in Advanced HIV Infection: A Public Health Concern 893
Suwanagool S, Kolladarungkri T, Leelarasamee A, Chuenarom V, Jearanaisilavong J, Chaiprasert A PDF

Case Report

Congenital H-type Tracheoesophageal Fistula : A Case Report 906
Waikittipong S PDF
Pediatric Sarcoidosis Presenting with Hypertensive Encephalopathy 911
Jungthirapanich J, Watana D, Pongprasit P, Vananukul S, Vajaragupta L, Yenrudi S PDF
Molar Pregnancy * Associated Ectopic Decidua : Report of a Case and Review of the Literature 918
Kularbkaew C, Yutanawiboonchai W, Pairojkul C PDF
Uncommon Manifestations of Opportunistic Infections in an HIV Infected Patient 923
Chiewchanvit S, Mahanupab P, Baosoung V, Khamwan C PDF

Medical Ethics

Controversial Issues in Obstetrics 927
Phaosavasdi S, Wilde H, Pruksapong C, Tannirandorn Y, Taneepanichskul S PDF