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Original Article

Response and Discontinuation Rates of Newer Antidepressants: A Meta-Analysis of Randomized Controlled Trials in TreatiiV( ~pression 387
Srisurapanont M PDF
Zopiclone in the Treatment of Insomnia: An Open Cliniflll TJtsl 393
Disayavanish C, Srisurapanont M, Disayavanish P PDF
Postmenopausal Osteoporosis : What is the Real Magnitude of.,Hle Problem in the Thai Population? 397
Taechakraichana N, Angkawanich P, Panyakhamlerd K, Limpaphayom K PDF
The Thai Version of the German Aachen Aphasia Test (AA T): Description of the Test and Performance in Normal Subjects 402
Praclzaritpukdee N, Phanthumchinda K, Huber W, Wimes K PDF
Botulinum Treatment for Post-stroke Spasticity: Low Dose Regime 413
Viriyavejakul A, Vachalathiti R, Poungvarin N PDF
Serum IGF-1 and IGFBP-3 Levels for Normal Thai Children and their Usefulness in Clinical Practice 423
Wacharasindhu S, Chaichanwatanakul K, Likitmaskul S, Angsusingha K, Punnakanta L, Tuchinda C PDF
Radionuclide Venography in the Diagnosis of Deep Vein Thrombosis of the Lower Extremities: A Comparison to Contrast Venography 432
Mangkharak J, Chiewvit S, Chaiyasoot W, Pusuwan P, Permpikul C, Toopmongkol C, Sriprapapom W PDF
Long-bone Measurement for Height Estimation in Thai Adult Subjects 442
Jitapunkul S, Benchajareomvong S PDF
Intraoral Candida in Thai Diabetes Patients Titikan Fongsmut, D.D.S. Grad. Dip. In Clinical Science (Oral Medicine), 449
Deerochanawong C, Prachvabrued W PDF

Case Report

Ultrasound Diagnosis of Biliary Ascariasis 454
Yoosamran A PDF
The New Flap Based on the Longitudinal Fascial Branches of the Posterior Interosseous Artery 458
Sungpet A, Patradul A PDF
Primary Cryptococcal Infection of the Larynx in a Patient with AIDS: A Case Report 462
Chongkolwatana C, Suwanagool P, Suwanagoo S, Thongyai K, Chongvisal S, Metheetrirut C PDF

Medical Ethics

Ethics and Care of the Terminally Ill 468
Phaosavasdi S, Wilde H, Pruksapong C PDF