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Original Article

Comparison of Immediate Recovery Period Among Young, Middle-aged and Elderly Patients 473
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Comparison of Vacuum Extraction Delivery Between the Conventi.maf Metal Cup and the New Soft Rubber Cup 480
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Open Heart Surgery in Adults at Ramathibodi Hospital 487
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Outcomes and Predicting Factors of Mortality Among Newly Admitted Female Medical Inpatients 491
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Epidemiology of Stroke in the Elderly in Thailand 497
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Perinatal-Neonatal and Weight Specific Neonatal Mortality in Thailand in 1996 and Comparison with 1976 and 1986 : A Hospital Based Study 506
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The Prevalence and Risk Factors of Refractory Partial Seizure Thai Patients at Prasat Neurological Institute 512
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Transvaginal Hysperosalpingo-Contrast Sonography (HyCoSy) Compared with Chromolaparoscopy : A Preliminary Report 520
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2/joumalljp~index.html Sonographic Findings of Uterus and Ovaries in Normal Pre-and Post-menopausal Women 527
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Surgical Anatomy of Bicipital Branch of Musculocutaneous Nerve 532
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A Comparison of the Incidence of Post Operative Bleeding Between Electric Cauterization and Suture Ligation Tonsillectomies 536
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Risk Factors for Spirit Possession Among School Girls in Southern Thailand 541
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Bacteriological Quality of Holywater from Thai Temples in Songkhla Province, Southern Thailand 547
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Case Report

Drug-induced Akathisia and Suicidal Tendencies in Psychotic Patients 551
Kasantikul D PDF
Severe Epistaxis from Rhinosporidiosis : A Case Report 555
Supanakom S, Supiyaphun P PDF

Medical Ethics

Malpractice and Medical Litigation 559
Phaosavasdi S, Wilde H, Pruksapong C, Tannirandom Y PDF