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Original Article

Comparison of the Fertilization Rate after Intracytoplasmic Sperm Injection (ICSI) Using Ejaculated Sperms, Epididymal Sperms and Testicular Sperms 565
Sukcharoen N, Sithipravej T, Chinpilas V, Boonkasemsanti W PDF
Effectiveness and Cost Analysis of Community-Based Rehabilitation Service in Bangkok 572
Jitapunkul S, Bunnag S, Ebrahim S PDF
Clinical Management and Outcome of Eclampsia at Rajavithi Hospital 579
Chinayon P PDF
Choledochal Cyst : Review of 74 Pediatric Cases 586
Watanatittan S, Niramis R PDF
Thyroid Scintigraphy in Children with Hypothyroidism: A Five-year Experience 596
Pusuwan P, Likitmaskul S, Wacharasindhu S, lntarasupht S, Mungkharak J, Chiewvit S, Pleehachinda R PDF
Comparison of Short Versus Long Duration of Ampicillin and Gentamicin for Radical Hysterectomy 602
Maleemonkol S, Chareoniam V, sariyodom P, Chaiyapan S PDF
Experiment of Intranasal Synthetic Filter for Prevention of Suspended Particulated Matter: Rhinomanometric Evaluation 608
Tanpowpong K PDF
Potassium Contents of Northeastern Thai Foods 616
Sriboonlue P, Prasongwatana V, Suwantrai S, Bovornpadungkitti S, Tungsanga K, Tosukhowong P PDF

Case Report

Preoperative Portal Vein Embolization in Major Hepatectomy for Hilar Cholangiocarcinoma : A Case Report 627
Imsamran W, Ratanachuek T PDF
Anti Ro/SSA Positive Undifferentiated Connective Tissue Disease Mother with a Newborn with Complete Congenital Heart Block: A Case Report 633
Louthrenoo W, Boonyaratavej S, Sittiwangkul R, Sukitawut W PDF
Penicillium Marneffei Mesenteric Lymphadenitis in Human Immunodeficiency Virus-infected Children 637
Ukarapol N, Sirisanthana V, Wongsawasdi L PDF
Atypical Granular Cell Tumor of the Neurohypophysis: A Case Report with Review of the Literature 641
Shuangshoti S, Chantra K, Navalitloha Y, Charoonwatanalaoha S, Shuangshoti S PDF

Medical Ethics

Ethical Decision -Making and Its Teaching 647
Hongladarom T PDF