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Original Article

Evolution of Medical Services far HIVJAWS in thailand 425
Kunanusont C PDF
Respiratory Symptoms and Pulmonary Function of Traffic Policemen in Thonburi 435
Maranetra KN, Nana A, Naruman C, Aksomint M, Chalermsanyakom T PDF
Past and Current STDs in a Thai Adolescent Population 444
PiyaAnallt M, Kositanon U, Leckyim N, Wattanapullsuk S PDF
The Relationship Between Myofascial Trigger Points of Gastrocnemius Muscle and Nocturnal Calf Cramps 451
Prateepavanich P, Charoensak T PDF
Surgical Management of Nondiabetic Vitreous Hemorrhage 460
Namatra C, Trinavarat A PDF
P53 Expression and Polysomies of Chromosome 9, 17 in Head and Neck Cancer Prognosis 466
Charuruks N, Shin DM, Voravud N, Hong WK, liiuelman WN PDF
Effects of Twice- Versus Thrice-weekly Electroconvulsive Therapy in Schizophrenia 477
Chanpattana W, M, Chakrabhand S, Kitaroonchai W, Choovanichvong S, Prasertsuk Y PDF
Evaluation of DrugAbuse Treatment Based on the Continuous Quality Improvement Concept 484
Suttapreyasri D, Chansatitpom N, Charupoolphol P, Charusuntomsri P, Va)rajote P PDF
Detection of HBV Genome by Gene Amplification Method in HBsAg Negative Blood Donors 491
Bodhiphala P, Chaturachwnroenchai S, Pruksananonda P PDF
Renal Perfusion and Disease Progression 496
Sensirivatana R, Kingwatanakul P, Futrakul P PDF

Case Report

Embryonic Testicular Regression Syndrome : A Case Report 506
Rattanachaiyanont M, Phophong P, Techatraisak K, Charoenpanich P, Jitpraphai P PDF
Infected Ovarian Cyst in a Homozygous Beta-Thalassemic Patient 511
Sukcharoen N, Treratanachat S PDF
Endoscopic Retrograde Cholangio-Pancreatographic Diagnosis and Extraction of Massive Biliary Ascariasis Presented with Acute Pancreatitis : A Case Report 515
Saowaros V PDF
Spinal Epidural Hematoma Caused by Extradural Arteriovenous Malformation: A Case Report and Review of the Literature 520
Saeheng S, Thongsuksai P PDF

Medical Ethics

A Case from a Government Hospital Venipuncture Clinic (What was the problem? Who was responsible?) 528
Wiwanitkit V PDF