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Original Article

Guideline for the Pharmacotherapy of Treatment-Resistant Schizophrenia 579
Disayavanish C, Srisurapanont M, Udomratn P, Disayavanish P, Kasantikul D, Netrakom P, Phornchirasilp S, Rangseekajee P, Samuthrsindh P, Sukanich P, ThiamKaew K, Visanuyothin T PDF
Bronchial Artery Embolization for Hemoptysis 590
Eurvilaichit C, Supasinsathit T, Saenghirunvattana S PDF
The Thai Version of Aachen Aphasia Test (THAI-AAT) 601
Pracharitpukdee N, Phanthumchinda K, Huber W, Willmes K PDF
Effect of Omeprazole on Gastric Mucosa and Serum Levels of Amoxicillin in Patients with Non-Ulcer Dyspepsia 611
Wittayalertpanya S, Wannachai N, Thongnopnua P, Mahachai V PDF
The Usefulness of Serum Insulin-like Growth Factor-1 (IGF-1) and Insulin-like Growth Factor Binding Protein-3 (IGFBP-3) for Evaluation of Children with Short Stature 619
Jaruratanasirikul S, Leethanaporn K, Sriplung H PDF
Correlation of Oocyte Morphology with Fertilization Rate and Embryo Quality After Intracytoplasmic Sperm Injection 627
Suppinyopong S, Choavaratana R, Karavakul C PDF
DTH Responsiveness of HIV -Infected Thai Adults 633
Brown AE, Markowitz L, Nitayaphan S, Morgan P, Sukwit S, Chinaworapong S, Leelasupasri S, Birx D PDF
Outcome of Preterm Premature Rupture of Membranes 640
Phupong V, Taneepanichskul S PDF
The Thai Version of the Positive and Negative Syndrome Scale (PANSS) for Schizophrenia: Criterion Validity and Interrater Reliability 646
Nilchaikovit T, Uneanong S, Kessawai D, Thomyangkoon P PDF
Survival of Children with AIDS : Experience in a University Hospital in Northeast Thailand 652
Lumbiganon P, Kosalaraksa P, Loapaiboon M PDF
Maintenance ECT in Treatment-Resistant Schizophrenia 657
Chanpattana W PDF
The Clavicular Fracture : A Biomechanical Study of the Mechanism of Clavicular Fracture and Modes of the Fracture 663
Hamroongroj T, Tantikul C, Keatkor S PDF
Phase I Trial of Tropisetron and Dexamethasone in the Prevention of Cisplatin-Induced Emesis 668
Voravud N, Suwanrusmee H PDF
Efficacy of UFT Plus Oral Leucovorin in Advanced Colorectal Cancer A Multicenter Study 676
Thongprasert S, Maoleekoonpairoj S, Laohavinij S, Thavichaigam P PDF
Toxoplasma gondii Antibody in HIV -Infected Persons 681
Sukthana Y, Chintana T, Lekkla A PDF
A Rice Starch Added Follow-On Formula for Infants with Sleeping Difficulty 685
Jirapinyo P, Thammonsiri N, Wongarn R PDF
Nutrients and Hormones in Heat-Drived Human Placenta 690
Phuapradit W, Chanrachakul B, Thuvasethakul P, Leelaphiwat S, Sassanarakkit S, Chanworachaikul S PDF

Case Report

Bilateral High Radial Nerve Compressions : A Case Report 695
Chuangsuwanich A, Muangsombut S, Sangruchi T PDF

Medical Ethics

To Tell or Not to Tell? 698
Phaosavasdi S, Wilde H, Taneepanichskul S, Tannirandom Y, Pruksapong C PDF