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Original Article

A Common-Source Water-Borne Outbreak of Multidrug-Resistant Typhoid Fever in a Rural Thai Community 1513
Swaddiwudhipong W, Kanlayanaphotpom J PDF
Hemospennia: Review of the Management with 5 Years Follow-up 1518
Kochakilm W, RatanaOlam K, Leenanupunth C, Viseshsindh V PDF
Clinical Manifestation of Tuberculous and Pyogenic Spine Infection 1522
Buranapanitkit B, Lim A, Kiriratnikom T PDF
Juvenile Dermatomyositis in Thai Children 1527
Singalavanija S, Limpongsanurak W, Liamsuwan S, Raungsuwan S PDF
Transesophageal Echocardiography During Percutaneous Mitral Commissurotomy in Patients with Left Atrial Thrombus 1534
Tansuphaswadikul S, Silaruks S, Hengrussamee K, Kehasukcharoen W, Chantadansuwan T, Saejueng B PDF
Surgical Treatment of Le Fort Fractures in Ban Pong Hospital : Two Decades of Experience 1541
Jarupoonphol V PDF
Comparative Study of Bulky Stage IB and IIA Cervical Cancer Patients Treated by Radical Hysterectomy with and without Neoadjuvant Chemotherapy : Long-Term Follow-up 1550
Manusirivithaya S, lsariyodom P, Chareoniam V, Srisomboon J, Pantusart A PDF
Normal Plasma Free Amino Acid Levels in Thai Children 1558
Svasti J, Srisomsap C, Wasant P, Pangkanon S, Tiensuwan M, Boonpuan K, Sawangareetrakul P, Liammongkolkul S PDF
The Outcome of Sperm Retrieval and Intracytoplasmic Sperm Injection for Obstructive Azoospermia 1569
Sukcharoen N, Sithipravej T, Promviengchai S, Chinpilas V, Boonkasemsanti W PDF
Risk Factors of Hip Fracture Among Thai Female Patients 1576
Jitapunkul S, Yuktananandana P, Parkpian V PDF
Effect of Lower Uterine Segment Sweeping on Progress of Labor in Nullipara 1582
Chanrachakul B, Sangthawan M, Suthutvoravut S PDF
Self-Evaluation of Obstetricians by Delivery Data to Reduce Cesarean Section Rate in Chai Nat Hospital 1587
Kunthonkitidej K, Ngemset O PDF
Invasive Group A Streptococcal Infections at Chulalongkorn University Hospital 1594
Suankratay C, Nunthapisud P, Wilde H PDF
Isomeric Separation of Methamphetamine by HPLC Chiral Column 1604
Lekskulchai V PDF
Teaching Instrument: A Laparoscopic Training Model 1614
Tintara H, Choobun T PDF
Ultrastructural Study of Glomus Tumor 1619
Palungwachira P, Palungwachira P, Yaguchi H PDF

Case Report

Quetiapine for Tic Disorder : A Case Report 1624
ChanOb T, Kuntawongse N, Boonyanaruthee V PDF
Scalp Replantation : A Case Report of Long Ischemic Time 1629
Sirimaharaj W, Boonpadhar.apong T PDF
Presumably Entomophtboramycosis in an HIV-Infected Patient: The First in Thailand 1635
Boonsamgsuk V, Suankratay C, Wilde H PDF
Primary Intraosseous Glomus Tumor : A Case Report 1641
Settakom J, Arpomchayanon O, Chalidapong P, Chaiwun B, Rangdaeng S PDF
Traumatic Elbow Subluxation in a Child : Case Report 1646
Kraiwattanapong C, Kiriratnikom T PDF
MEDICAL ETIDCS New-World and Transcultural Impact on Thai Medical Practices and Professional Behaviour 1650
Phaosava:sdi S, Taneepanichskul S, Tannirandom Y, Hongladarom S, Wilde H PDF