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Original Article

The Sustained and Holistic Health Care Program for the Priests Commemoration of His Majesty the King’s 60 Years Accession to the Throne (First Phase: February to June 2006) 1
Bhumisawasdi V, Takerngdej S, Jenchitr W PDF
Eye Health in the Priests and Novices in Central Bangkok 13
Srisuwanporn S, Pattamasing na Ayutaya S, Wutthiphan S, Ratanasirintrawut S, Sothornwit N, Jenchitr W, Pongprayoon C PDF
Radiographic Findings of Screening Chest Films in Priest Hospital 21
Khosangruang O, Chitranonth C PDF
Survey of Refractive Errors among Buddhist Scripture, Dhamma-Bali and Regular School of Buddhist Novices in the Bangkok Metropolitan Area 24
Nanthavisit U, Sornchai J, Jenchitr W PDF
Oral Health Status in the Elderly Priests in Bangkok 30
Ploysangngam P, Subhakorn S, Pongnarisorn N, Jaturanon S, Chaisupamongkollarp S PDF
Epidemiology of Psychiatric Disorder in Priest Hospital in 2003-2007 37
Kosiyakul J PDF
Effects of Cigarette Smoking on Serum Lipids among Priests in Bangkok 41
Saengdith P PDF
The Nutritional Status of Patients Admitted to Priest Hospital 45
Phairin T, Kwanjaroensub V PDF
Colorectal Carcinoma Detected by Barium Enema in Priest Hospital 49
Chitranonth C PDF
Peptic Ulcer Disease in Priest Hospital 53
Tantiwattanasirikul P PDF
Prevalence of Osteoporosis of the Priests 57
Chumnumnawin M, Sawetchaikul S, Sresuriyasawad V PDF
Inner Ear Problems of Thai Priest at Priest Hospital 63
Karnchanakas T, Tantanavat A, Sinsakontavat J PDF
Factors Associated with Allergic Rhinitis in Priest Hospital 68
Pratyapipat S, Sinsakolwat J, Tantanawat A PDF
Eye Health of Priests and Novices in Rural Area 73
Jenchitr W, Pongprayoon C, Sothornwit N, Choosri P, Yenjitr C, Tapunya M PDF
Outcome of porous implants: Incidence of complications, management, and morbidity 81
Pongprayoon C PDF
Botulinum Toxin A in Surgically Overcorrected and Undercorrected Strabismus 86
Wutthiphan S PDF
Visual Acuity in Patients Having Cataract Surgery by Different Techniques 92
Raiyawa S, Jenchitr W, Yenjitr C, Tapunya M PDF
Visual Acuity in Patients Having Foldable and Non-foldable Intra-ocular Lens for Cataract Surgery 102
Raiyawa S, Samaiporn S, Sirikul S, Jenchitr W, Yenjitr C, Tapunya M PDF
Glaucoma Care and Clinical Profile in Priest Hospital, Thailand 111
Sothornwit N, Jenchitr W, Pongprayoon C PDF
Diabetic Retinopathy in Priest Hospital 119
Jenchitr W, Sothornwit N, Srisuwanporn S, Wutthiphan S, Pathamasing na ayutaya S, Ratanasirintrawut S PDF
Caries and Periodontal Experience among 998 Priests and Novices in Bangkok 130
Chaisupamongkollarp S, Jaturanon S, Subhakorn S, Ploysangngam P PDF
Oral Health Status of 12-year-old Novices in Bangkok 139
Subhakorn S, Ploysangngam P, Pongnarisorn N, Jaturanon S, Chaisupamongkollarp S PDF
Serum Zinc, Selenium and Copper in Priest Subjects 145
Mahaisiriyodom A, Viroonudomphol D PDF
Cost of Ocular Medications at Priest Hospital 151
Iemnoi K PDF
A Comparison Study between Newly-Designed Pencil-Point and Cutting Needles in Spinal Anesthesia 156
Saenghirunvattana R, Tantivitayatan K, Chumnanvech W, Tangsukkasemsun S, Siritongtaworn P PDF

Case Report

Intravitreal Bevacizumab for Ahmed Glaucoma Valve Implantation in Neovascular Glaucoma: A Case Report 162
Sothornwit N PDF
Ehlers-Danlos Syndrome Type IV with Gastric Adenocarcinoma 166
Kanechorn Na Ayuthaya R, Patthamapasphong N, Sura T, Niumpradit N, Trachoo O PDF