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Original Article

Effectiveness of Vaginal Douching on Febrile and Infectious Morbidities after Total Abdominal Hysterectomy : A Multicenter Randomized Controlled Trial 16
Buppasiri P, Chongsomchai C, Wongproamas N, Ounchai J, Suwannachat B, Lumbiganon P PDF
Alleviation of the Climacteric Symptoms with Oral Sequential Hormone Replacement Therapy 1
Chittacharoen A, Domhardt R, Manonai J, Theppisai U, Golbs S PDF
Two Doses of Oral Sustained-Release Tramadol Do Not Reduce Pain or Morphine Consumption After Modified Radical Mastectomy : A Randomized, Double Blind, Placebo-Controlled Trial 24
Thienthong S, Krisanaprakornkit W, Taesiri W, Thaninsurat N, Utsahapanich S, Klaichanad C PDF
Efficacy and Safety of Pueraria mirifica (Kwao Kruea Khao) for the Treatment of Vasomotor Symptoms in Perimenopausal Women : Phase II Study 33
Lamlertkittikul S, V PDF
Clinical Characteristics of Colo rectal Polyp in Thai Children : A Retrospective Study 41
Waitayakul S, Singhavejsakul J, Ukarapol N PDF
Accuracy of Transvaginal Ultrasound for the Evaluation of Myometrial Invasion in Endometrial Carcinoma 47
Ruangvutilert P, Sutantawibul A, Sunsaneevithayakul P, Boriboonhirunsam D, Chuenchom T PDF
Penetrating Keratoplasty Following Scleral Patch Graft Procedure 53
Chaidaroon W, Sonthi W, Manassakorn A PDF
Maternal Knowledge, Attitude and Practice of Safety Belt Use During Pregnancy at Srinagarind Hospital 59
Werawatakul Y, Chaivoramukkul C PDF
Meshed Skin Graft versus Split Thickness Skin Graft in Diabetic Ulcer Coverage 66
A Comparison of the Efficacy of Cisatracurium and Atracurium in Kidney Transplantation Operation 73
Jirasiritham S, Tantivitayatan K, Jirasiritham S PDF
Evaluation of the Sensitivity of the Double-Contrast Upper Gastrointestinal Series in the Diagnosis of Gastric Cancer 80
Ukrisana P, Wangwinyuvirat M PDF
Prevention and Control of Thalassemia at Saraburi Regional Hospital 8
Chareonkul P, Kraisin J PDF
LacCur Stain for Detection of Mucin in Adenocarcinoma 87
Wattanasirmkit V, Tanboon J, Shuangshoti S, Shuangshoti S PDF
Candida Species, Genotypes and Antifungal Susceptibility of Candida Isolates from Blood Samples of Patients at the Largest Tertiary Care Hospital in Thailand During 1999-2002 92
Foongladda S, Sakulmaiwatana P, Petlum P, Vanprapar N PDF

Case Report

Intra-Articular Injection of Deproteinized Hemodialysate in Osteoarthritis ofthe Knee : A Case-Series 100
Kuptniratsaikul V, S PDF
Squamous Cell Carcinoma of the Lacrimal Sac : A Case Report 106
Siriwanasan R, Puranajoti S, lttipunkul N, Martin T PDF

Medical Ethics

Difficulties on Ethics in Medical Practice 111
Phaosavasdi S, Taneepanichskul S, Tannirandorn Y, Uerpairojkit B, Pruksapong C, A PDF