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Original Article

An Equation to Explain Variations in Blood NT-ProBNP in Ambulatory Cardiac Subjects 1
Suwanugsorn S, Yipintsoi T, Geater AF, Jintapakorn W, Phromminthikul A PDF
A Same Day Approach for Choledocholithiasis Using Endoscopic Stone Removal Followed by Laparoscopic Cholecystectomy: A Retrospective Study 8
Akaraviputh T, Rattanapan T, Lohsiriwat V, Methasate A, Aroonpruksakul S, Lohsiriwat D PDF
Antibiotic Prophylaxis and Incisional Surgical Site Infection Following Colorectal Cancer Surgery: An Analysis of 330 Cases 12
Lohsiriwat V, Lohsiriwat D PDF
Endoscopic Management of Foreign Body in the Upper Gastrointestinal Tract: A Tertiary Care Center Experience 17
Opasanon S, Akaraviputh T, Methasate A, Sirikun J, Laohapensang M PDF
Renal Subcapular Saline Injection during Percutanoues Renal Cryoablation to Prevent Bowel Injury 22
Permpongkosol S, Nicol TL, Romero FR, Rais-Bahrami S, Aranyakasemsuk N, Solomon SB, Kavoussi LR PDF
The Thai Anesthesia Incident Monitoring Study (Thai AIMS) of Postoperative Central Neurological Complications 27
Toomtong P, Sriprajittichai P, Charuluxananan S, Suratsunya T, Lapisatepun W PDF
Validation of the Thai Version of Brief Pain Inventory (BPI-T) in Cancer Patients 34
Chaudakshetrin P PDF
Length and Landmark of A1 Pulley in Hand: An Anatomical Study 41
Jongjirasiri Y PDF
Aortic Bifurcation: A Cadaveric Study of Its Relationship to the Spine 47
Khamanarong K, Sae-Jung S, Supa-adirek C, Teerakul S, Prachaney P PDF
Ganglioside GM1 (Porcine) Ameliorates Paclitaxel-Induced Neuropathy in Rats 50
Chentanez V, Thanomsridejchai N, Duangmardphon N, Agthong S, Kaewsema A, Huanmanop T, Maneesri S PDF
The Response Pattern of Intravitreal Triamcinolone Injection for Non-AMD Macular Edema 58
Bhurayanontachai P, Ratanasukon M, Ma-a-lee A PDF
Benign Versus Malignant Compression Fracture: A Diagnostic Accuracy of Magnetic Resonance Imaging 64
Pongpornsup S, Wajanawichakorn P, Danchaivijitr N PDF
Computed Tomographic Findings in Non-traumatic Hemorrhagic Stroke 73
Chiewvit P, Danchaivijitr N, Nilanont Y, Poungvarin N PDF
Revision of Gastrointestinal Mesenchymal Tumors 87
Sornmayura P, Howannapakorn J, Karnsombut P PDF
Comparison of Amplitude and Area Decrement in Repetitive Nerve Stimulation 96
Boonhong J PDF
Factors Influencing Home Modification of Stroke Patients 101
Permsirivanich W, Tipchatyotin S, Piravej K, Juntawises U, Kuptniratsaikul V, Ma-A-Lee A PDF
Pharmacokinetic and The Effect of Capsaicin in Capsicum frutescens on Decreasing Plasma Glucose Level 108
Chaiyasit K, Khovidhunkit W, Wittayalertpanya S PDF

Case Report

Inflammatory Myofibroblastic Tumor of the Small Intestine: A Case Report of a 2 Month-Old Infant 114
Yimyaem P, Saranrittichai S, Sinawat P, Dhiensiri T PDF
Successfully Conservative Treatment of Large Cervical Choriocarcinoma with Profuse Vaginal Bleeding 120
Chandacham A, Kietpeerakool C, Khunamornpong S, Suprasert P, Srisomboon J, Charoenkwan K, Phongnarisorn C, Cheewakraingkrai C, Siriaree S, Tantipalakorn C PDF

Special Article

Gastrointestinal Stromal Tumors (GISTs): A Pathology View Point 124
Sornmayura P PDF
Human Genetic Influence on Susceptibility of Tuberculosis: From Infection to Disease 136
Cheepsattayakorn R PDF
Treatment of Parkinson’s Disease in Thailand: Review of The Literature and Practical Recommendations 142
Bhidayasiri R, Ling H PDF