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Original Article

The Interlaminar and the Narrowest Distances at the L3/4 and L4/5 Interspinous Spaces and Location of the Intercrestal Line in Thai Cadavers 1
Lakchayapakorn K, Suwanlikhid N PDF
A New Structured Interview for Children with Autism Spectrum Disorder Based on the DSM-IV 7
Hansakunachai T, Roongpraiwan R, Sombuntham T, Limprasert P, Ruangdaraganon N PDF
CT findings of KUB Injury in Hemodynamically Stable Blunt Abdominal Injury Patients with Microscopic Hematuria 15
Phetrasuwan W, Tangtiang K, Vithitsuvanakul N PDF
Normal Measurements of Size of Optic Nerve Sheath Complex Using Computed Tomography 22
Watcharakorn A, Ngamsirisuk S PDF
The Correlation between Acromion-Axillary Nerve Distance and Upper Arm Length; A Cadaveric Study 27
Samart S, Apivatgaroon A, Lakchayapakorn K, Chernchujit B PDF
The Efficacy of 2% Chlorhexidine Gluconate in 70% Alcohol Compared with 10% Povidone Iodine in Reducing Blood Culture Contamination in Pediatric Patients 34
Tangsathapornpong A, Banjongmanee P, Unrit K, Sritipsukho P, Mungkornkaew N, Sajak S PDF
Effectiveness of Contextual Education for Self-Management in Thai Muslims with Type 2 Diabetes Mellitus During Ramadan 41
Susilparat P, Pattaraarchachai J, Songchitsomboon S, Ongroongruang S PDF
Neuroprotective Effects of Bacopa monnieri (Brahmi) on Novel Object Recognition and NMDAR1 Immunodensity in the Prefrontal Cortex, Striatum and Hippocampus of Sub-Chronic Phencyclidine Rat Model of Schizophrenia 50
Piyabhan P, Wetchateng T PDF
Effects of Cymbopogon citratus Stapf Water Extract on Rat Antioxidant Defense System 57
Somparn N, Saenthaweesuk S, Naowaboot J, Thaeomor A PDF
Cholinesterase Inhibitory Activities of Apai-sa-le Recipe and Its Ingredients 64
Senavong P, Sattaponpan C, Suk-um S, Itharat A PDF
Cytotoxic Activity Against Small Cell Lung Cancer Cell Line and Chromatographic Fingerprinting of Six Isolated Compounds from the Ethanolic Extract of Benjakul 70
Rattarom R, Sakpakdeejaroen I, Hansakul P, Itharat A PDF
Development and Validation of RP-HPLC Method to Determine Anti-Allergic Compound in Thai Traditional Remedy Called Benjalokawichien 76
Sakpakdeejaroen I, Juckmeta T, Itharat A PDF
In Vitro Antioxidant, Anti-inflammatory, Cytotoxic Activities against Prostate Cancer of Extracts from Hibiscus sabdariffa Leaves 81
Worawattananutai P, Itharat A, Ruangnoo S PDF
A Randomized Trial between Different Suture Materials (Polydioxanone vs. Poliglecaprone 25) and Different Suturing Techniques (Running Subcuticular Suture Alone vs. with Running Horizontal Mattress) in Prevention of Hypertrophic Scar Development in Median 88
Homvises B PDF
Impact of Hemostasis Methods, Electrocoagulation versus Suture, in Laparoscopic Endometriotic Cystectomy on the Ovarian Reserve: A Randomized Controlled Trial 95
Tanprasertkul C, Ekarattanawong S, Sreshthaputra O PDF
Maylard Incision in Gynecologic Surgery: 4-Year Experience in Thammasat University Hospital 102
Manusook S, Suwannarurk K, Pongrojpaw D, Bhamarapravatana K PDF
Antimicrobial Activity of Extracts from a Thai Traditional Remedy Called Kabpi for Oral and Throat Infection and Its Plant Components 108
Lairungruang K, Itharat A, Panthong S PDF
Inhibitory Effect on Nitric Oxide Production and Free Radical Scavenging Activity of Thai Medicinal Plants in Osteoarthritic Knee Treatment 116
Anuthakoengkun A, Itharat A PDF
Biological Activities and Chemical Content of Sung Yod Rice Bran Oil Extracted by Expression and Soxhlet Extraction Methods 125
Uttama S, Itharat A, Rattarom R, Makchuchit S, Panthong S, Sakpakdeejaroen I PDF
Effect of Piper chaba Hunter, Piper sarmentosum Roxb. and Piper interruptum Opiz. on Natural Killer Cell Activity and Lymphocyte Proliferation 133
Panthong S, Itharat A PDF
Anti-Allergic, Anti-Inflammatory and Antioxidant Activities of the Different Extracts of Thai Traditional Remedy Called Prabchompoothaweep for Allergic Rhinitis Treatment 140
Jai-aue A, Makchuchit S, Juckmeta T, Itharat A PDF
In Vitro Cytotoxic Activity of Sa-Tri-Lhung-Klod Remedy and Its Herbal Ingredients on Ovarian and Cervical Carcinoma Cell Lines 149
Inprasit J, Ruangnoo S, Itharat A PDF
Effect of Pelvic Floor Muscle Training (PFMT) during Pregnancy on Bladder Neck Descend and Delivery 156
Lekskulchai O, Wanichsetakul P PDF
Effect of Pregnancy on Urinary Functions in Thai Nulliparous Pregnant Women 164
Wanichsetakul P, Lekskulchai O PDF
Prenatal Diagnosis of Placenta Accreta by Colour Doppler Ultrasonography: 5-Year Review 171
Pongrojpaw D, Chanthasenanont A, Nanthakomon T, Suwannarurk K PDF
Scenemulator: An Innovative Tutor Note to Facilitate Non-Specialist Tutor in PBL Tutorial Session 175
Rojpibulstit P, Suealek N, Srisawat U, Kongkham S, Pornthisarn S, Krudpathum W PDF
Mortality Rate Among Patients with Septic Shock after Implementation of 6-Hour Sepsis Protocol in the Emergency Department of Thammasat University Hospital 182
Apibunyopas Y PDF
Locked Intramedullary Nail: Metacarpal Geometry Study in Adults 194
Boonyasirikool C, Niempoog S PDF
Correlations between Gross Motor Functions and Health-Related Quality of Life in Thai Children with Spastic Diplegia 199
Sritipsukho P, Mahasup N PDF

Case Report

Misidentification of Infarct Core by Computed Tomography Perfusion (CTP) in a Patient with Acute Ischemic Stroke with Hypoxia 205
Dharmasaroja P, Watcharakorn A PDF
Spontaneous Uterine Rupture at Non-Cesarean Section Scar Site with Placenta Percreta in the Second Trimester: A Case ReportSpontaneous Uterine Rupture at Non-Cesarean Section Scar Site with Placenta Percreta in the Second Trimester: A Case Report 208
Suwannarurk K, Pongrojpaw D, Manusook S, Suthiwartnarueput W, Bhamarapravatana K PDF
Acute Closed Traumatic Sciatic Nerve Injury: A Complication of Heterotopic Ossification and Prominence of the Femoral Nail: A Case Report 213
Niempoog S, Chumchuen S
Modified Desensitization Protocols for a Pediatric Patient with Anaphylactic Reaction to Deferoxamine 217
Surapolchai P, Poachanukoon O, Satayasai W, Silapamongkonkul P PDF
Therapeutic Hypothermia with Extracorporeal Membrane Oxygenation (ECMO) and Surface Cooling in Post-Cardiac Arrest Patients: 4 Case Reports 223
Pinichjindasup A, Homvises B, Muengtaweepongsa S PDF